No ring at my end

I’ve procesed the order for the SIM card, replied in your Help Ticket, and you will receive tracking information later this evening.

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Southpaw, thank you for continuing to help. We began with RW Defy phones, then the Moto X 1st gen. We do not remember having any “No ring at my end” problems with the Moto X.

I’d like to follow mikek.fgmhry’s hoped for fix before changing my hubby’s SIM card. We have fewer problems than mikek, ours are more intermittent. In fact, for the last 3 days we don’t think a call was “No ring at my end.”

Clarifications: 1. We have had this problem for about a year. I could hunt for our really old inquiry in RW, but it doesn’t matter right now. 2. I am dependent on answering the help questions when I log onto my laptop - I cannot participate on my phone due to needing a real keyboard. So, if my answers or participation is delayed, I apologize.

Thank you.

Correction! I found my first post - which wasn’t a year ago! It was in February of this year. Sorry for any frustration this may have caused you. I appreciate your hard work, Southpaw.

10-14-21 update: For whatever reason, hubby’s phone is now “ringing at his end” without noticed error. I do not believe cellular coverage was a participant in the problems. The problems would occur in places with healthy cellular and/or wifi coverage.

We are back to “RW Pleased” - thank you RW, Southpaw and mikek.

mikek - how are you doing with the new SIM card?

thanks for asking. much much better with the new CDMA card instead of the GSM one seem to think I’m getting more ringing at my end and less dropping of calls

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