No ring tone

My phone won’t ring when someone calls. It will vibrate, but it won’t ring. The ring volume is up all the way. I have tried shutting it down. I have tried different ring tones. Nothing helps. It is a Moto E 2nd gen

Try this,

Go to the main screen,

Press the volume up button,

Look at the dialog box that appears at the top of the phone

See if all callers are selected. Sometimes the phone mysteriously switches to Priority caller only.

Thanks for the suggestion billg. But that wasn’t it. All was already selected…


I have tried different ring tones

Was that done using a ringtone app? If so, have you checked the phone Settings, Sound & notification, Phone ringtone to ensure one is selected and not none?

No ringtone app. Simply using rings under settings.

Go into Contacts and edit that particular contact’s name to see the ring option, perhaps the ring option there is set to vibrate and no ring. Also, check for the “disturb” option to see if it’s on and during this particular hour.

Does your phone’s external speaker work in other situations? Does your speaker work, for example, if you play music or watch a YouTube video on your phone?

Something like this happened to me when I switched carriers. I eventually realized that my OLD phone was ringing, and it meant that the phone number hadn’t properly transferred yet to my new phone. The solution was to wait a few days. (Probably not your problem, but I thought it was worth a mention)

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