No Ring when I call someone?

I have a Moto G7 that I got in March of 2020. Android v. 10 is running.

It seems that when I call non-Republic service phones, I do not hear the phone ring on the other end. The only way I know the call went through is if the callee answers or if the call times out. Is there a setting that I have accidentally enabled so that I’m not hearing the callee’s phone ring?

In addition, I sent two texts to my husband’s phone yesterday and they never arrived–they went out as SMS.

Is there other information needed to trouble shoot these issues?

The other end ringing you are referring to is called a ringback tone. Thank you for the context regarding it seemingly being isolated to when calling non-Republic phones Do you know if the experience is limited to when your phone is connected to WiFi, cell or does it happen on both WiFi and cell?

As a starting point, I’m going to suggest a Republic activation refresh:

The activation refresh might also sort the texting issue. Let us know what, if anything, the refresh helps with.

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Hmmm. Good question. It seems to be when I am on WiFi since I use it primarily from home. I will try the activation refresh. Also, unrelated to this issue, my microphone has a slash through it when calling, so it seems that I can’t use speaker phone. Not an issue most of the time, since I have a bluetooth earpiece I use when in the car. It’s just annoying that I can’t figure out how to turn the microphone on.

I just tried the activation refresh. No change ring back tone. I turned off the WiFi on my phone and used cell. Still no ring back tone.

I replied to myself. Oops. The activation refresh did not change anything regarding the ring back tone. I tried calling with WiFi on and with WiFi off. Also, tried texting my husband’s RW phone again and he did not receive it.

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

For the ringback issue, please try:

For the text messaging issue:

I would also suggest deleting the text messages that didn’t send (in other words send new ones rather than attempting to resend). Please ask your husband to disable chat features on his phone as well.

Thank you. Still no ring back tone. I disabled the RCS Chat Feature on my phone, and now the test text to my husband won’t send at all. I get an error in red “Not Sent, tap to try again”. His Chat Feature was already disabled. And the test text I sent to my mom (non RW phone) did not send.

hi @markh.4gqbic,

The ringback issue is an odd one we don’t see a lot of and may not be resolvable by troubleshooting on the phone. But, just to confirm, when you turned WiFi off the call went through but also with no ringback?

Regarding the text messaging issue, would you be kind enough to confirm it occurs both with WiFi turned on and off (in other words messages fail to send on both WiFi and cell)? Which Republic supported messaging app are you using Messages by Google or Republic Anywhere? If uncertain, does the app icon look like this :messages: or this :anywhere:?

Confirming that WiFi off no ringback, WiFi on no ringback. Also, I tried re-enabling my Chat Feature (which is the blue icon BTW), and it took a loooong time to verify my number, but the chat features now says Status: Connected and Chat Features are re-enabled. I just turned off my WiFi and texted my husband’s phone. It appears that my text went through from my end, but he did not receive it. He sent me a test message, which I received (he has WiFi on here at home and I have WiFi off for the purposes of this troubleshooting). I just texted my mom (non RW phone), with my WiFi off, and she got the text.

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

Chat features do not work reliably with Republic service, which is why Republic suggests turning them off. If you turn chat features back off, do your messages still fail to send? Do you know the status of chat features on your husband’s phone?

When you turn WiFi off, do you see any letters next to the cell strength indicator? Ideally, you would see LTE, but let us know whether you see that or something else such as an H, R, E or X?

My husband’s Chat Features are disabled. I have not had ANY issues with Chat Features until yesterday. And it’s only with his phone it seems. My mom received my chat after I re-enabled Chat Features.

Re: Strength indicator: Cell service in my particular portion of our zip code 22309 stinks. My understanding is that T-Mobile is the cell carrier, and we get almost 0 connectivity. Right now, LTE is appearing with WiFi turned off, but I am on the 2nd floor of our home. Also, pointing the phone from West to South totally changes the strength (half strength to only a teensy strength in the triangle). When I go to the first floor, the strength drops off to almost 0.

I’m not saying chat features don’t work at all with Republic service. I am saying they don’t work reliably with Republic service and Republic’s recommendation is that they be turned off.

I’d agree GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage is, according to the maps, surprisingly weak in your area. You may want to consider asking Republic about alternative coverage:

Since text messaging seems to be working for you and your husband on cell but not on WiFi, that suggests the issue there might be the WiFi network rather than the phone. I would suggest a power cycle of your network equipment (powering off, waiting a few minutes then powering back on your modem and/or router).

The lack of ringback remains a mystery. Your husband’s phone has ringback, correct?

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Yes, my husband’s phone has ringback. Indeed, it’s all a mystery. Text messaging from MY phone to my husband’s is NOT working. He is not receiving my texts, but I am receiving his. We’ll do a router re-boot to see if that fixes the issue. Thank you for your help!

Just to chime in on the ringback issue. There is one number when I call it, there is no ringback. Strangely enough, that number is a native T-Mobile device, whereas I am on the T-Mobile SIM on RW.

After resetting the RW service as described above, there was no change either.

Likely unrelated. Even though your SIM may make the T-Mobile towers your cellular network all Republic numbers are actually numbers and calls are initiated from that network, rather than the underlying carrier network.

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