No ringtone sounds

This just started happening on my G3 a few days ago. Have no clue how to get it working.

All other sounds are working fine. Also, when I attempt to change the ringtone, no sample sound plays whenever I select a different ringtone.

I hope someone can resolve this soon because a phone that doesn’t ring isn’t a phone. It’s a paperweight.

Hi @mdk1000,

I moved your question from Incoming calls go into Voicemail (calls do not ring) on Moto G3 because I think your issue may be different.

If you’re not hearing ringtones even when you try to select a different one, this often indicates “do not disturb” mode is turned on.

When in a call, do you hear the the other person if you put the phone on speakerphone, and does it play alarms and sound from YouTube?

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All other sounds work fine. I did the volume button / power button reboot thing and that appears to have fixed it. I have no idea what caused it to happen in the first place.

My mom is using this phone and that’s all she uses it for - a phone. She’s clueless about technology so I literally have every app on it shut off but the phone interface and whatever essentials are required.

I’m glad you have it working for now. Please let us know if the issue resurfaces!

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