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Our E4 phones NEVER roam for voice calls or text or data. We previously had 1st Gen X CDMA and they worked in most of our region with a few dead areas.

The E4s started with GSM but we just installed new RW CDMA SIM cards and no improvement.
We can not make calls ANYWHERE, even in our “big” city, Bangor, Maine 04401.

We have a Verizon tower 1/2 mile and direct line of site to our house and, while in the house we use wifi, when we leave home NOTHING.

Do these E4 phones refuse to roam when the X phones did? I do not understand why we get NO service ANYWHERE except on wifi?

I’m assuming here that there are no T-Mobile or Sprint towers anywhere in our region so both GSM and CDMA are off network? If this is true why did our X phones work fine? And also if these phone do not work we will be forced to drop RW entirely, sad!!!

While I’m here can I ask another question? Motorola has been constantly updating. Started with xxxxxx64, then 64-2, 64-5, 64-8, 64-10, 64-12, now 64-15. When will it get caught up and what is the current version?

Thank you.

Hi @johna.maine,

Your E4s should have the same coverage on CDMA as your previous Moto Xs.

Keep going as this is the likely source of your problem and affects native as well as roaming coverage. More from Republic is here: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help.

“If your phone shows a build number that is not NPQ26.69-41-4-1 or higher, it may still show as up to date.”

I’m up to NPQS26.69-64-15. That -64 would seem to be higher than -41, no, though not sure why mine has an S (NPQS)? So is my version now current?

Thank you.

NPQS26.69-64-15 does appear to be the current version for your Moto E4. Are you still unable to make and/or receive calls while roaming? If so, the next step would be updating the PRL:

Thank you. I’ll have to leave the house to check roaming now but I just did the PRL update as you suggested.

NPQS26.69-64-15 does appear to be the current version for your Moto E4.
Are you still unable to make and/or receive calls while roaming? If so,
the next step would be updating the PRL:

How to Update the Preferred Roaming List on a Motorola 3.0 Phone – Republic Help

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Thank you. I took a short walk to get off our wifi and I had cellular!
Not sure if it was the Motorola updates or the PRL update but it seems
better. It will take a few days of traveling around the area, which I
don’t do a lot of, to make sure though. Could this issue have been
affecting our GSM SIM as well? We switched SIM cards from GSM to CDMA
because we had no cellular service under GSM. So would this Moto updates
and PRL have solved that problem as it appears to have done under CDMA?

Thanks again. Nice to have cell service back!!!


There is no equivalent to the PRL on the GSM side, but yes the Moto updates could have been impacting your GSM SIM as well. That being said, if you share your ZIP we can pretty quickly tell you whether the GSM coverage would have been bad there anyway.

looks about the same for CDMA/GSM in that area

I was making the assumption that the areas we were talking about were outside the “big city” as that was a “not even in” area.

@johna.maine If you’d share the areas outside the city that are most interesting, we can look at the coverage more specifically.

Actually we’re about 25 miles NNW of Bangor in Charleston 04422 and our X (1st gen) worked and now th E4 seems to work but the E4 GSM didn’t. Not sure if the Moto updates made the difference or CDMA is just better here than GSM. I KNOW I have a Verizon tower close by and in line of sight and Verizon is fairly reliable in the entire region. Have no idea where T-Mobile or AT&T towers are.


We are Charleston Maine 04422 and the RM coverage maps say NO coverage CDMA or GSM but our 1st Gen X worked fine and Verizon covers the region fairly well. No idea where T-Mobile or AT&T towers (or Sprint for that matter) are but Verizon has one 1/2 mile away and in line of site. The E4 GSM didn’t work so I got CDMA SIMs and they didn’t work either but after the Moto updates and PRL refresh it appears to be working CDMA now.

Thank you.

PS You would think tower locations SHOULD be public information?!

If you take a look here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless you’ll find that the CDMA Map shows that area blanketed in roaming coverage (Verizon), as you’ve predicted.

The GSM Map (Coverage Check | Republic Wireless) also shows roaming coverage, likely AT&T.

Not to complicate things, but if it has been less than 20 days since you deactivate the GSM SIM you could reactivate it and see if you have any coverage, you can always go back to the CDMA SIM as long as you don’t lose it and reactivate it within 20 days.

In my experience, while I generally prefer the GSM network for native coverage, CDMA tends to have better roaming arrangements. If @johna.maine was satisfied with the coverage on his old Moto X and the E4 now provides the same coverage experience on CDMA, I’d say he’s good.

One additional question completely unrelated to the original topic; @johna.maine, how did a Yankees fan end up in Bangor, ME? Generally, the dividing line for baseball team loyalty in New England is roughly around Hartford, CT and Bangor is well within Red Sox territory. Full disclosure, I grew up outside Boston and, therefore, am a lifelong Red Sox fan. The question is intended to be entirely in the spirit of a good natured sports rivalry nothing more.

You just can’t stand people with good taste, can you?

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