No RW Voicemail-to-Text vm transcription, last straw?

What phone do you have? Moto E4 Plus
What plan are you on? My Choice
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data +1 gb

Issue Description

Hi all, I have been trying to get voicemail transcription (voicemail-to-text) on my RW phone through 3rd party apps. YouMail looked like the best option but when I loaded the app it said “Bandwidth LLC does not support …”

This is another VOIP meets world issue! I ran into similar issues trying without success to get SMS notices from my pharmacy, others.

CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND a way to receive voicemail transcriptions on a RW Moto phone? An app, a service, ANYTHING? (Except the Google Voice forward and forward back idea, that’s a mess!)

I love Republic. I am a RW evangelist! In overpriced Seattle finding ways to save money is very important. But this is the 3rd time this year I have not been able to get something I really need to work on RW. Not entertainment; smartphone functions to improve my business, my life.

And I know the Republic Anywhere page promises voicemail-to-text. But that page hasn’t changed in more than 6 months! I don’t believe this feature is really coming. Do you?

My work phone is also a Moto E4 Plus but from Boost. For $35 (including tax/fee) a month Boost gives excellent service+3 GB data. With tax/fee my RW is $25/mo. If I cannot get VM transcription from RW that extra $10/mo starts to look small! (FYI I use very little data because I am mostly near good wifi.)


The only thing I know of that works is Google voice.
Last I used it, it was super easy to setup, just installed the app, and it configured the phone fine.
However, I was not on R.W. at the time, so I have not tried it in a while.
But I still can get Voicemails via email , web, or in the G.V. app on my spare phone, when someone calls my G.V number and leave a message.
There is a setting(or a dialer code) in the phone to forward unanswered calls to an other number.
This works, but most folks don’t seem to have the patience to wait the extra few rings that happens for the G.V. to answer.

Personally, I prefer just to have the normal playable messages right in the phones dialer app. Simple and straight forward. Did not have that when I was on Sprint. And even G.V transcription I often found was not that great.

Hi Speed,

I did actually just set up RW to Google Voice voicemail as an experiment. It wasn’t too difficult, though the logic is a bit tricky (RW to GV to RW). I already had a Google Voice account from when they were new (2009?) so it wasn’t necessary to set up GV.

I now receive voicemail transcripts as text messages to the RW phone (and Republic Anywhere! Nice.)

But when I called my RW number the line rang 10 times before my GV message started. Too long! The number of rings makes it sound like calling a landline no one will answer! I am concerned that callers will not be that patient.

So this is a stopgap but not a solution. I want a solution. I don’t mind paying for a service (unless it is $10/month, then Boost is easier.)


I was able to overcome the too many rings issue by changing the Google Voice settings to go straight to VM.

All good!

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