No service during Hurricane Irma

I live in central Florida and was without cell service for days. My friends who are with other carriers had service. Now I am getting emails that I’m just about out of data. Don’t know how that can be since I use Wi-fi most times and not having service for days doesn’t make sense . Any ideas???

Hi @janiceb.hzkeqp,

I’m sorry to see that your question sat so long unanswered today. I think you’ve presented a mystery our Community isn’t quite sure how to answer.

If cellular towers are down, it would definitely be hard to imagine how you’re using cell data. One possibility is that your phone has remained connected to your Wi-Fi network (connected to your router) but that your router is not getting service from your internet service provider. In that situation, you might have trouble using the phone for calls and texts unless you turned off your router or the Wi-Fi on the phone, yet it still might use cellular data while showing a Wi-Fi connection.

In any case, that’s a guess, as it’s a bit difficult to diagnose from afar, and the reality is that you are out of cellular data. We’d like to help, and I don’t see a support ticket from you, at least not one associated with the E-mail address you use to access Community. Would you mind opening a support ticket on the matter? If you’ll let me know once you have it opened, I’ll add a few notes to it, and make sure it goes to the right team.


Good morning,
I just submitted a support ticket.
Thank you for checking into this for me.
Janice Barrett


Thanks @janiceb.hzkeqp,

I’ve checked on your ticket and it is assigned to the right team.

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This hurricane gave me the oddest problem regarding data, too. I am North Central Florida and after what happened with Hermine last year (lost power for 3 days) I fully expected the worst this time. We were only out of power for 21 hours after Irma, so WiFi was back soon after, but the data situation took a few days to resolve and is still wonky near where I work. The 2GB data given to me by RW showed that t was used already, which did seem odd to me at the time, but I have WiFi at work and home, so I wasn’t worried since I could call out which was most important. The extra 0.5GB I bought on 9/10 was still unused, though.

Then about a week ago the 2GB of data popped back into the bank… so who knows what was going on. Things got fried, for sure. If I had to guess, I’d say it had to do with the roaming data thing. I was texting back and forth with coworkers and family a bit so I assumed it had something to do with that.

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