No Service in Call/Text area of Coverage Map

I recently moved to a new area in Upstate New York. Where I work, I have no service (little triangle), despite the coverage map saying I would have 3G Call/Text only. My phone is a Moto G6 (purchased in 2018 from Republic) and is GSM. I checked TMobile’s coverage maps and they say I should have 4GLTE in that area. But I don’t have anything. I figured I would be fine with the Wifi at my workplace. However, they only offer a BYOD internet network. When I log on to that network, it tells me I have no internet, although it says it’s connected. Now that I can’t rely on WiFi, I’m afraid I’ll have to change service providers, as I definitely need to be able to make/receive calls! I don’t really want to leave Republic, so if there’s any work arounds that anyone knows of, please let me know.

Hi Kelly… Welcome to the community! Can you share the ZIP code in the specific area where you’re having this issue? We can then review the coverage in detail, and look at Republic’s other carrier partner to try and figure out what’s going on and if Republic can offer a better experience.

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This happens at both zipcodes 14036 and 14058. Both say Talk/Text on Republic’s coverage map, but in both cases, I actually have no network connection.

I’m particularly unsurprised by the experience in 14058. T-Mobile’s map shows nothing but Fair and no coverage for miles. In my experience that means coverage only standing on top of a hill in perfect weather.

In 14036, the coverage is still not great, but better. It would surprise me if you had any coverage indoors, but I would expect that you would have coverage most places outdoors.

The coverage seems drastically better there with Sprint, Republic’s other cellular partner. I would strong suggest that you open a ticket and give them the information here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help and request that they send you a CDMA SIM (Sprint).


Hi & Welcome,
To augment the information that @louisdi provided here is some additional information that may be of use
Coverage maps are built off of engineering models, and because of local topology. atmospherics, tree coverage etc there will always be some differences. The vast majority of mapping is done on Zip Code designation, which further exacerbates the problems we (user) have in determination of who covers what/where.

  • You may want to take a look at RootMetrics , you can search on a specific location and set the result to a given carrier, and see the results provided by two entities (RootMetrics and real users.)
    • Rootmetrics outfits their data teams with a kit of multiple phones, that are connected to multiple carriers, these are in communication as they travel the various routes then the data is processed and presented in a method that shows level of connectivity for any given path. This data is augmented by users that have their app on their phones and provide additional feedback. For instance you may not see a lot of high traffic to your doorstep, but if you were providing feedback you would see the level and the number of ‘data points’
  • Hopefully something like this will help you in your decisions.

That seems like a good first course of action. Thank you for your help!

In addition to requesting a CDMA SIM card, you might want to explore this with your office IT team.

Hi SouthPaw,

I did bring it up with the IT team, and they said that the “No internet” message is false. But it’s not, because I can’t do anything that requires internet. So that didn’t get me very far haha!


Thanks for sharing that site - quite helpful as I consider the best option.

In addition to the info provided by @southpaw, if you decide to contact your IT folks, the protocol used and port requirements are provided in the Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide in the section titled Required Ports and Protocol

This usually happens when you haven’t done the extra step of “accepting terms of use or similar form”
If you are not seeing this prompt on your phone.
Go to
Settings - > WiFi -> Saved Networks … FORGET the network…and start over again.
If it still sits on the No Internet message…then open a browser such as chrome and
type in the address field and see if that takes you to the login/verification page. Once the verification is complete…you should be able to access the internet.


Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that on Friday when I am there as well as look into the port requirements document and update you then. If that doesn’t work, I’ll request a CDMA SIM card. And if that doesn’t work, I may have to switch providers. :sob:

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Update: I tried forgetting the network and starting over. I entered the into Chrome’s address field and it yielded a message “This site can’t be reached. Try: Checking the connection. Err_Connection_Refused.”

I will look into the maps for the CDMA networks next to decide whether or not it’s even worth trying that option.

Sorry that workaround didn’t work for you.
Just to recap…you reconnected to the same WiFi… and did you get the same
Connected, No Internet message under the WiFi name?

Did you get a Sign in to WiFi…option or anything along those lines on the initial connection?

When you tap on the network name in the list of WiFi…
do you see the buttons… FORGET CANCEL CONNECT?

I spend 6 months a year in 14047 and have to use RW’s CDMA partner Sprint. This part of NYS is Verizon country. T-Mobile has made great progress with LTE in Metro Buffalo but out in the sticks they seem to have few roaming partners.

Have you tried using another browser such as Firefox? Or try clearing the browsing data for Chrome and then try again.

Not yet amitl, but I will try that tomorrow!!

That’s good to know…I’m going to request a CDMA SIM today

Yes, I completed all of those steps,still getting the No Internet message. There is no option to sign in to WiFi initially. I had to look for the network and sign in that way. I did forget the network and start again.

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