No Service in Omaha NE - Maybe

Hello, I don’t have this problem yet but I did in 2020. While visiting Omaha we didn’t have any cell service or spotty service. Turns out that T-mobile is not strong in that area and our sim cards were T-Mobile. We are going back to visit this Saturday and just today I remembered this problem. And the inlaws don’t have wifi!! Since we last experience this March 2020 we both have new phones: Google Pixels 4a.

How can I tell what carrier my sim card is using and if it is T-Mobile is this still an issue in Omaha?

Hi @tracyr.17kmad,

You can see what kind of SIM card is in your phone by following these steps:

I’ll have to leave the question about coverage in Omaha to others, though from searching the internet a bit, I see conversations that suggest it may be better now, depending on what bands your phone supports. The T-Mobile coverage map looks very optimistic for Omaha.


thank you southpaw, I used the instruction to locate the cell network is GSM. Is that more favorable to T-Mobile or Sprint?

The GSM SIM card uses T-Mobile’s network.

Awesome, thanks for your help. Looks like I will not be left in the dark this Thanksgiving weekend while in Omaha. :slight_smile:

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