No service now in my zip?


When I had Republic… I had great service as when I roamed… it was on sprint… is their a problem now with CDMA phones? Is republic going to full GSM? I was wanting to return but no service when I enter my zip…


If your ZIP is in a roaming area the coverage checker will tell you there is no service. Take a look at the Sprint map and find a ZIP that has coverage, Run that check just before ordering a phone.


I had coverage before with the moto x and I believe the moto g…


What’s your ZIP?




That’s interesting. I checked and the GSM coverage seems adequate. For the record, Republic still has a CDMA partner, but it only can be utilized on certain devices that support the right bands.

Do you already have a compatible phone and would like to bring it or were you thinking about buying a new phone?


No GSM on this current map…


Yep. Not sure what ZIP I was using. I thought it was that one but I guess not. Big coverage gap.

@leslies.r13gyq CDMA coverage looks like it is roaming only. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of Republic’s partners have sufficient coverage in your area :frowning:.


As a basic rules Republic does not recommend it’s service if it’s partners do not have native coverage [even with roaming partner coverage is not reliable and if tower issues come up there nothing republic can do for roaming, also there is no roaming data on 3.0 plans]
You may be better off with carriers/MVNOs that are native in the area


Buying a new phone.


Hi @leslies.r13gyq,

As noted by @drm186, republic does not suggest its’ service as a good match when the best its’ cellular partners’ are able to provide is roaming coverage. That said, your experience should be as good as your previous experience.

Please know, however, the only phones currently available for purchase from Republic that may be provisioned for coverage with its’ CDMA partner are the Moto G5 Plus and the Samsung S7s. Other phones currently for sale in Republic’s store are GSM only. Additionally, any phone purchased from a third party retailer will activate initially on GSM.

More on coverage here:


My only concern for the OP is that they are former user back in 1.0 when it had roaming data, and the 3.0 phones do not so their service may not be the same they are basically going to be stuck on the $15 plan


It’s a legitimate concern. I concur with Republic and generally do not suggest Republic’s service when roaming is the only coverage provided. In fact, I would never choose a service able to provide only roaming service for myself but to each their own.

ETA: You might note, I liked your post. :slight_smile:


Thank you that was very helpful and informative…


Your best bet would be Verizon (and maybe AT&T). I checked Verizon’s map and they have coverage where you are located. I couldn’t get ATTs map to work so I don’t know about them. You may want to consider Total Wireless for a cheap Verizon MVNO. They seem to have decent prices.


AT&T should also be an options


Cricket’s map (AT&T’s own MVNO)


Thank you… would you think the moto x would still work? Or are they legacy devices now? Thanks for the help…


They are legacy devices and can still be activated on the service (the phone will activate with the Refund plan: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help).

If you are reactivating your old Republic phone, just go ahead and turn it on and follow the activation prompts. You can then see how well the service works for you now.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used Moto X, make very sure that it’s a Republic model as unlocked phones that work with other carriers will not work with Republic (the Republic model has a specially modified operating system). Here is some additional guidance on purchasing a used phone: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


Thank You! :slight_smile:


Here is a link to Open Signal
You can select ‘All Networks’ for your area or limit to your target carrier and the maps are created by feedback from users phone that have installed the Open Signal App so it will highlight the most well traveled roads