No service on Moto Z Play

I have a Moto Z Play.

1 GB/mo plan.

Data, talk and text.

I am getting no service at all from my phone. I’ve owned it for almost 18 months without a problem. There’s no indication of outages in the area. It started all of a sudden this afternoon, and restarting/rebooting/toggling airplane mode has not helped. I can only make calls via WiFi. The phone is working fine otherwise, and there are no other warnings (nothing about SIM card, etc.)

Issue Description

Hi @lindyhop!

Sorry to hear about your issue! First off, when you leave WiFi, does the phone show it has connectivity? Have you tried clearing the cache ? If not, go ahead and do that. Next, I would try to reset the Republic credentials. You can do that by dialing ##8647## . Let us know if either of those works!


Thanks @mb2x ! Actually, after a few hours of being down, now service is ok without me doing anything. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to try those options. (It was showing no connectivity whether I was in WiFi or not.)

Where are you located? It wouldn’t be near Houston would it?

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