No Service On My Phone Starting January 28th Morning

What phone do you have?
One Plus 6T
What plan are you on?
The $45 a month one
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

This morning as I left my apartment I didn’t have any service. I restarted my phone, turned the service on and off, turned the wifi off and still nothing.

I have the exact same issue.

I have a MotoG, pay the 15/month plan, and I think I might know what’s going on.

My card uses Sprint’s network, but sprint just merged with T-mobile. I’m not sure if there’s a solution past requesting a new sim card.

A new sim card will solve this issue?

My wife’s under the same plan as I with a t-mobile sim card, and her’s is still working fine.

So… maybe?

Same problem here in Nashville. I can’t do anything when not on wifi. Budget carrier woes.

In MA here

I am on the My Choice 6GB plan (Johnson City, TN) and also do not have any service off of a wifi network. No calls, no texts, no data.

Dalton, GA. Same problem here with both my phone and husband’s phone. I have a note g7 and I think his is a more g5. We both have basic plan with 1gb data. Noticed when I’m not connected to WiFi network that my data signal has an x on it and the republic notification says calls through cell data but no text or wifi/internet… I think it’s republic and not something going on with our phones.

Same issue. Works fine on wifi but no service when going off wifi as of this morning. TN. I submitted a ticket as well.

Not quite yet. The merger still hasn’t been approved and even if approved it’ll be quite some time, likely years, before the networks merge.

Now on to the issue, it appears something is going on. Support is looking in to it as we speak.

I am also having same problem, it says LTE but my data triangle has an x until I find a Wifi network. I tried the activation reset but I don’t think that fixed it

Same issue here for both my husband and I on our respective Republic phones (we’re in NC). We CAN make calls, but no data or anything else if not on WiFi.

T-Mobile (the GSM partner) appears to be having a national data outage:

One of our cellular partners is experiencing an outage. For status updates please see

@douglasb.0nqmoa, the issue impacts all services provided by the national network carrier and is not limited to Republic Wireless.

In greater Boston area…toggling airplane mode on and off helped me get my cellular data going again. I know it may not work for everyone…but just adding a data point.

Thanks @amitl, we understand that the carrier partner is rolling out a fix regionally, so we are seeing some members reporting the issue resolved. Toggling airplane mode to re-initiate the connection with the local tower is definitely a good step to try.

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@cemberjenkins, @douglasb.0nqmoa, @williamh.jbzy9k, @jessical.po9vwe, @christinah.w30qnx, @misskaity, and @christinet.03r54w, our carrier partner indicated that the issue was resolved before noon today. Is everything working for you again?

@justint.l02mub, I didn’t include you in the names listed above, because you mentioned your phone’s SIM card provides coverage through our partnership with Sprint, and this was not a Sprint issue. I could not find a Moto G on your account, so I couldn’t confirm the SIM card provisioning. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble, but it would seem your issue was not the same as everyone else’s.

Mine is working again now.

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Yes! My problem was resolved. I’m sorry I didn’t reply. I haven’t ever put anything in the community before and didn’t realize it was so closely monitored :slight_smile:

Thank you for following up

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Everything seems to have been resolved. Thank you for the follow up

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