No service on one phone and limited on another

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

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My wife has a Moto G4 and I just bought a Moto G7. When we are at my in laws home I cannot even text or make any calls unless I jump on a WI FI network. My wife can with her older phone. Is there a way to check if the phones are trying to access a different cell tower or is there something else that would make the G4 connect and not my G7?


Hi @tedp.2geyfm and welcome to the Member Community. Sounds like one phone might be active on the CDMA network and the other could be GSM. Here’s a “How to” for determining if a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA.

That could explain a difference in coverage. If you would share the zip code of your residence and your in-laws (only the zip codes) someone can help determine which network would provide the best coverage in those locations.

Please report back and we’ll see where to go from there.


Home is 53597 & in-laws 54634.

And can you please use the How To and determine what network each phone is activated on now and share that too?


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My wife’s G 4 is on the CDMA & mine is on GSM. Is there a procedure to change mine to CDMA or do I have to change the SIM card?

Hi @tedp.2geyfm you can request a CDMA SIM using this procedure.

A person in another thread had an interesting spin on the CDMA and GSM coverage. They said –

“If two of you have Republic phones, you might want to consider having one with GSM and the other with CDMA. That’s what my wife and I do, and we have coverage just about everywhere. Either phone can become a hotspot providing a Wi-fi connection to the other phone, so if we’re stuck in a campground with only one service, both phones will work.”

Just sharing other thoughts. Hope this helps!


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