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Yesterday; while my wife was having a medical procedure and I was awaiting a call relating to the procedure; two calls were made to my number that did NOT ring in. The messages were left on my VM., but the calls were and are NOT on my call log. I was on wifi and it was operational. A restart has evidently solved whatever issue it was. But, what was it? Thanks, Potter

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One scenario where this can happen would result from being on Wi-Fi with the phone not plugged in, phone in Doze mode, and having no cellular signal.

I can understand how the call might not go through. I cannot understand how it ends up in my VM and not on my Call registry.

The call never reached your phone device, so the phone doesn’t have any idea the call was missed, and therefore no way to locally log it. The call was sent to voicemail on a Republic Wireless server when the server could not successfully route the call to your phone. Later, when the phone had connection to the Republic Wireless server, the voicemail indication was sent to your phone. If you look at the call detail records on your Republic Wireless account page (Phones | Republic Wireless) the call record should be there.

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thank you…P

Whelp; It’s happened again. No phone service. neither in or out. texts go though, Republic app doesn’t recognize my account as active. insert sim message. when I awaken phone it states; emergency calls only. have NOT booted cause trying to figure whats happening .

also; no cell signal.

Hi @potters.4rsmut,

The app thinking the SIM needs to be activated would cause your phone to have no cell service. I suggest an uninstall/reinstall of Republic’s mobile app. The procedure does involve a restart but :crossed_fingers: the extra steps in uninstalling/reinstalling result in a more permanent solution:

attempt to call out shows in registry.
tried 3 xs in play…only uninstalled updates; not app

app is misssing on screen; so it did uninstall

That’s fine, not all phones allow for a complete uninstall/reinstall of the app. Does the issue persist after an uninstall of app updates, restart of the phone and reinstall of app updates.

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resttarted after updates installed; evidently does not recognise sim…tells me to re… Also; app was not uninstalled…only the updates removed, according to PS

I understand that. On some phones, generally Motos, uninstalling app updates is the best one can do. It’s not clear you’ve tried it this way, please try uninstalling app updates, restarting the phone, then reinstalling app updates. While the phone is powered down, you might remove and reseat the SIM also.

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yes; its a moto…g6…restarted again…now its functioning…thanks. P

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