No Service Whatsoever This weekend

I went to Leadville Colorado this weekend with my husband. We are both Republic wireless users. And he had three bars of service. My phone had none. From Thursday on.
I enabled roaming but it didn’t help. Obviously since I could not call, text, email or use the internet, I could not open a help ticket. The most frustrating part of the whole deal was that I have family in Florida and I could not keep up with the news or contact them unless I used my husband’s phone.
When I got home, support was less than optimal. They repeatedly ask the same things (will you please turn on roaming) without reading anything I wrote previously. Then they ask me to return to the spot I was at and see if it helped. I am not going back to Leadville.
I am frustrated. Is there a better way to get support.

Hi @christined100 and welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry to hear your support experience was less than you hoped for. I can also empathize with your desire to reach family in Florida as I’m roughly 40 miles south of West Palm Beach waiting for Dorian to make his forecasted move to the north.

Presuming your return home has restored expected service, our ability to troubleshoot here in the Community will be limited. One thing worth exploring is the possibility you and your husband’s phones are using different partners for cellular coverage. You may or may not be aware, Republic provisions phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners (T-Mobile or Sprint).

As a starting point, may we know the brand, model and generation of your phone and your husband’s phone, please?

I have a Moto G3 on the refund plan. My husband has a Samsung S-7. He is on a different plan

Thank you for the additional context! Your Moto G3 is provisioned with Sprint. It’s possible your husband’s Samsung Galaxy S7 is provisioned with T-Mobile and, if so, this might explain the difference in coverage experience in Leadville.

May we trouble your husband to make that determination. Here’s how:

For background, GSM = T-Mobile and CDMA = Sprint.

His says GSM. So that is T-mobile also right? How do you switch from one to the other? I really did think that having 2 networks was the way Republic ensured coverage.

Hi @christined100,

Indeed your husband’s phone is provisioned for cellular coverage with T-Mobile. Your G3, however, is provisioned with Sprint. All legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) are provisioned for cellular coverage with Sprint. For T-Mobile to be a coverage option, one must have a newer Republic phone that like your husband’s uses a My Choice plan.

Candidly, neither T-Mobile or Sprint has particularly good coverage in and around Leadville. Sprint’s coverage is roaming meaning one might have talk and text, however, roaming coverage because it involves partners of Republic’s partner Sprint is best effort rather than guaranteed.

T-Mobile’s coverage in and around Leadville isn’t great either but unlike Sprint’s is native. This is likely the reason his phone faired better there.

As I don’t wish to ask you to repeat steps already done with support, was updating something called the PRL (preferred roaming list) mentioned?

I have updated the PRL I have to say this sounds like Republic trying to get me to upgrade (and get off the refund plan.)

Fair enough and that’s the easy fix for a non-roaming phone. With that already exhausted, the question becomes was the phone not roaming or was the roaming coverage just not working?

Candidly, as you mention not returning to Leadville, it isn’t possible to make that determination without being there or in another roaming area.

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I appreciate your help, and your time. My family is in the West Palm area (so just north of you) and like you, we are waiting for Dorian to do his thing. So the fact that you are working through this, is appreciated.
But I still think I should get a refund. The phone is not misbehaving. I see no other reason to upgrade. But Republic does not seem to support its own plan anymore.

Hi @christined100,

You’re most welcome!

In Republic’s Community forums most of us myself included are fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members). I am not Republic staff. As I mentioned, roaming coverage is best effort and not guaranteed. It’s simply not possible for Republic to guarantee the performance of the partner of a partner.

The above said, discussing a refund is something that would need to be addressed to staff via a ticket. If the one you mentioned remains open, you might consider mentioning it there.

For both my family’s sake and yours I sincerely hope Dorian makes his mind up soon.


There may be a simple solution. In our case, my Republic phone is GSM (T-mobile) and my wife’s is CDMA (Sprint). We wanted it this way for cases like yours when we may be camped in an area that has only one service. If my wife has no cellular coverage, as you experienced, then I will put my phone into the mobile hotspot mode, so that it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot for her phone. Then her phone will work, even though there’s no Sprint coverage. She can make calls, texts and e-mails from here phone number. (When she does this, she’s using my data.)

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