No service when out of WiFi

What phone do you have? Moto x4

What plan are you on? 1gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

New phone. Is working great when in our house with WiFi. When out I get messages like “emergency calls only” and “no messages or voicemail”
Not really too handy!

How long ago was the phone activated. Activations are not properly completing. You can monitor status here:

Hi @janaa.bwoajr,

Our activations issue has been cleared up. Is your phone now working on cell? If not, we may need to take a good look at your coverage situation.


When I was out from the WiFi tonight, I got this message:

Calls on cell. No access to messages or voicemails. Check your network connection.

What now?

If you could tell us what you see on the cellular “bars” that indicate cellular strength, that might help us better understand what’s going on. Are there several bars of signal strength, and are there any letters of the alphabet displayed on the bars?

This is the screenshot.

the phone is showing a weak 3G connection to the cell tower but the little x on the bars says the phone is not seeing any data from the tower

the first things to try
reboot the phone
on WiFi dial *#*#8647#*#*

it could be a coverage issue weak 3G signal is not a very good,
which carrier partner is your phone using? also can we get the zip pcpde where your using the phone?

(I look at Springfield MO and in the city it looks like both partners republic uses would have coverage but can be hit or miss as one leaves the city)

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Phone says GSM

I did the reboot, etc

It reactivated the phone.

I won’t be away from WiFi til a little later.

That screenshot happened to be showing the 3G, but it had been not having that. Just like one bar on the icon.

I have had republic wireless for several years and have not had this trouble. Only started with the new phone last week.

Its very possible that the old phones were CDMA [Sprint] and this may explain the the difference in coverage [GSM is T-Mobile],
If you are still having this issue when you go out later open a ticket and request CDMA SIM

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