No service while traveling an area with outstanding 4g Service on the map


Traveling an area with supposed highest service for 4G LTE on the map I had spotty coverage and a 30 mile stretch with no coverage at all. Traveling from Columbus GA to Albany Ga on US 520/280. map shows full 4g LTE coverage the entire way but that definitely is not the case. After passing Richland the coverage dropped with only a small amount of roaming coverage in Dawson and then full coverage once I hit Albany Ga. Did I miss something? MOTO G3 which is up to date, 4G LTE phone plan, fully charged and plugged in while traveling. It shouldn’t have lost complete signal if I’m not roaming off our network so can someone help?


Take a look at this map: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

I see both Columbus and Albany surrounded by vast areas of roaming and Dawson in only roaming. Perhaps you were looking at the wrong map?


I was looking at the map that pops up from the link on the RP webpage. Where did the one you linked come from?


The “main” map is, IMHO, fairly useless. It does not differentiate by which carrier your phone is connected to. The Moto G3 is connected to Sprint, so I provided a link to the coverage for that specific carrier.

Coverage for the other carrier is here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

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the Main Map is the GSM map {t-moblie} (I don’t know if this is on purpose or not)
(by main I mean the one gotten to from Republic’s main site / coverage / see nation wide coverage )


Is it? I thought it was a blend of the networks (making it further useless).

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take a look ad the web address
it’s right in the name (to get to republics CDMA map replace the “gsm” with “cdma”


That’s it…That’s the one I was making all my decisions on.


Like I stated that the GSM map and only good for 3.0 phones on the GSM network (legacy phones are on the CDMA network partner (Sprint)) and needs to use Coverage Check | Republic Wireless map { }

though personally I always go to the partners maps
CDMA --> (all legacy* phones uses the CDMA partner along with some 3.0 users)
GSM -->

*Legacy phones are the Moto X 1st, 2nd, Moto G 1st, 3rd, Moto E 1st, 2nd, and the Beta phone Defy


So actually the map that’s at the link depends on the ZIP code you enter here: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless. If the ZIP code would result in your getting a GSM phone, it shows the GSM map. If the ZIP code would result in your getting a CDMA configured phone, it shows the CDMA map. Of course for legacy customers, that can be very confusing.

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I appreciate the input from you both (drm186/louisdi) it looks like I may need a new phone to get the coverage I require. Or a new carrier if I can’t get the service I need. The map is very misleading and I am disappointed that this is the case but what can one do?

Thanks you again


This is just a bad way to do it (the reason I would want to look in to coverage would be to see areas not in my area both maps should be given an option)

I do happen to agree the Republic maps are worthless (one never knows what they are really looking at

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