No signal after upgrading to Moto G6

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Moto G6
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About a month ago, I upgraded from a Moto G4 Plus to a Moto G6. Before the upgrade, I got excellent signal in my hometown, with full bars nearly everywhere. Ever since I got my Moto G6, I get no signal in my hometown. Not even a little bit of roaming anywhere in my city. I still get good signal in two neighboring towns, as I used to, and spotty signal in a third neighboring town as I used to, but no signal anywhere in the city limits of my town, whereas I used to get good signal here. My husband still has a Moto G4 Plus and still gets good signal in our city.

Any idea what’s going on? Is poor signal a known issue with this phone?

What can I do? I don’t want to have to switch carriers.


Republic has two different underlying cellular providers. It is likely that your Moto G6 is on a different underlying carrier than the Moto g4 plus. Please go into the Republic app on both phones, click on the gear icon, click on About and tell us what is says for the SIM card there.

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Mine says “GSM” and his says “CDMA (CSIM).” Does this mean my phone is pulling from different cell towers than his?

Yes it does, GSM partner is T-Mobile while the CDMA partner is Sprint,
You can request a CDMA SIM for your G6 by opening a ticket

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Thanks so much!


Your welcome

How do I find out what kind of SIM card my husband has in his phone? He is able to get in the internet and make and receive calls anywhere. I struggle to keep calls sitting at home if my wifi gets slow. I can hardly ever access the internet or make or receive calls or texts away from wifi. I have Moto g6 and my husband has Moto gplay.

Hi @karenf.qrydnh,

Here’s how to tell which type of SIM your phones are using: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

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Thanks!! Got it!

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