No signal with new 3.0 plan, but has signal with old 2.0 plan,

We went to a ski resort this past weekend and found out that there is no cell signal with our new Moto G4 or Huawei phone on the 3.0 plan. But we do have cell signal with our Moto E with 2.0 plan. Can anyone explain this difference?

Your 2.0 phone uses Sprint as the cellular carrier, your 3.0 phones apparently use T-Mobile (some are now rolling out with Sprint).

From The Evolution of Republic :

…there are a few tradeoffs/limitations that were necessary to deliver this big advance in devices and networks on RW 3.0. Specifically:

GSM carrier partner only (to start)

  • Our new devices require a unique collaboration with our cellular carrier partner, and thus far only our GSM partner has been able to complete this work (we’re targeting to get this done with Sprint as well before the end of 2016 so that we can make these new devices available to members who prefer the Sprint network for their cellular coverage needs).

How long ago did you purchase the Moto G4? is it’s been less than a month I would create a ticket and see if they are willing to move it over to the CDMA carrier (assuming you had an account before ordering it for said account), there nothing that can be done with the Huawei phone as it does not have CDMA radios

Thank you for your suggestion.

I bought the G4 through amazon couple month ago. I don’t know if this is still OK to ask to move to CDMA carrier. I would try it anyway.

It’s only true if you ordered Republic, BYOD right now is always GSM

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