No SIM card after inserting MicroSD Card


What phone do you have? Galaxy S7

What plan are you on? Unlimited Talk Text and 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Issue Description

I inserted a 128gb Class 10 MicroSD card and it tells me that there is No SIM card inserted even though both are seated in the tray. I have cut it off and back on again multiple times with no change in status and have taken it completely out and reinserted it with no change in status. The only thing that works is to remove the MicroSD card and reinsert the tray without it and it works.

This is an aftermarket generic class 10 MicroSD card but I saw no limitations as to type of card that can be used on neither Samsung’s or Republic’s site.


Does the SD card itself work normally when inserted with the SIM card? If not, then there could be an electrical issue with the SD card. If it does function normally then it likely has some bump or unevenness on its contacts which is causing it to push the SIM card higher and causing an issue with its contacts. Perhaps a
small piece of tape on the back of the SIM card would do the trick.


It does function normally. I can try the small piece of tape and see if that works

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Hi @marcp,

Did the tape trick work? Have you otherwise been able to get this sorted?

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