No Sim card and an incompatible old Republic SIM

I purchased a moto z. Its package did not contain a SIM card. The forum states that I should remove my old Republic SIM from my old phone and insert it in my new one. My phone is 5 years old and its SIM is incompatible with the moto z.

Please help.

Where did u buy the Moto Z from?

If it was from RW store, then it should have had in pre-installed or had the sim card inthe box with the phone. check the package again, for a small booklet or credit card sized thing. they often can come loose in the box and get over looked.

Good Morning @nano.7az83u,

All phones purchased from Republic, by design, ship with a SIM preinstalled. If the Moto Z was purchased from a third party, a SIM, if needed, must be acquired separately.

Our apologies for any confusion as this is not universal advice. Some but not all active SIMs move from phone to phone. It depends entirely on the brand, model and generation of the phone whose SIM one wishes to move.

Based on this alone, you will need a new SIM for the Moto Z you purchased. As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones. To be certain we point you to a SIM with the best coverage for your area, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

It would also help us better help you if we knew the generation of the Moto Z involved. Republic supports the Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z3 Play and Moto Z4. Do you know which of those you purchased?

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My zip code is 92064.


Republic Wireless.

Hi @nano.7az83u,

Republic’s GSM network partner provides robust coverage in your area. The SIM is available for purchase separately, however, I see you’ve just indicated you purchased the phone at Republic’s online store?

Have you turned the phone on and opened Republic’s mobile app to begin activation? Is the app offering to sell you a SIM? If so, don’t avail yourself of that offer.

It has been turned on but I didn’t see an offer.

My receipt is below.

Attached is what was found in the box.


the phone has the new sim installed already.
Follow the instructions in the Activation guide.
Connect the phone to your wifi, Setup the phone wit your google account, open the RW app and activate.
Also, good idea to do System Updates for the phone, there may be several.

Also, though you may be replying via email, your messages are on the RW public Community forums. Please don’t send personal info.


Hi @nano.7az83u,

@SpeedingCheetah is correct. The SIM should already be in the phone. It’s not enough to merely turn on the phone. You do need to follow Republic’s guidance for first setting up then activating the phone. Activation is done using the Republic app on the new phone. If you get to the point of opening the app and instead of prompts to activate you see an offer to buy a SIM, please stop and let us know.

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