No Sim Card - Emergency Calls only on Moto G1

My girlfriend’s Moto G1 (no Sim card) on the 1.0 has started getting “No Sim Card - Emergency Calls Only” messages. The first time it happened, I looked here and it seemed that Facebook and Messenger were problems. I went through the uninstall procedure suggested, then reinstalled Facebook and everything seemed to work ok…for a while. Her phone started scrambling her contacts, so I uninstalled Facebook again. After restarting, the “No Sim Card…” message reappeared in the notification area for a while, then went away.

Just a little while ago, there was nothing on her phone, just the background image. Again, I cycled power and the icons came back, but again the “No Sim Card…” message appeared for awhile (3 or 4 minutes).

Any suggestions? She’s a heavy Facebook user but doesn’t have many other apps installed. If this can’t get resolved, she’ll probably be going elsewhere. She’s showing amazing restraint.

Same thing is happening with the wife’s phone. What is going on guys?


The good news is this can be fixed. Take the wife’s phone and delete the Facebook app also delete the Facebook messenger app too. These two apps are causing the phones to misbehave. Reboot the phone after deleting. Now others here say the apps can be reloaded but you have a messenger on the phone to use already so I wouldn’t install that FB Messenger app. The Facebook I recommend saving in Chrome bookmarks/favorites then just open the FB from Chrome & it don’t mess with the phone. I have my wife use FB this way & she is happy.

@eekzues Ditto for you too!

*** ~~ßocephous™ ***

Thanks!!! I told her to take it off. I don’t use it, Not even sure if my beloved Defy would run it LOL

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