No SIM card identified

I have a Moto E that has been having trouble with locking up and at times, scrollls “No SIM card - Emergency calls only” across the top. Have rebooted, but still not working correctly. Is the SIM card bad? Can you check the connections on it? Thanks for any help.

The issue that you are having is known to have been caused by previous Facebook App updates. Is the phone stable enough for you to remove the Facebook App and restart the phone? If so, please try this.

If you don’t have the Facebook App or it doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know and confirm that it is a second generation Moto E?

I removed the Facebook app and restarted. Seems to be working again now. Will reloading the Facebook App continue to cause problems, or is that issue resolved now. Thank you as this is my wife’s phone and want her to have a working phone.

Reinstalling the app should be fine. It appears to have been an issue with the update rather than the app itself.


If you leave the FB app off the phone it will be less space in memory occupying in the phone. I have my wife access FB from the Google Chrome app. It is less of a strain on the phone and less info FB can have permissions for on the phone. Just saying…

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