No SIM card in my package


There wasn’t a SIM with my order… So I had to buy a new one… Will I still get the number I requested?


If you still have the box the phone arrived in, please look through it, including under the box flaps, as the SIM sometimes ends up under there.

As for your phone number, the number is not tied to the SIM.

If the number is currently on another active line with Republic, you will transfer your current Republic phone number over to your new phone during activation of the new phone.

After the Google activation, you will begin the Republic activation and be asked to sign in to your Republic Wireless account on your new phone. After you sign in, you will be asked if this is a New Line of Service or if you wish to Move an Existing Line.

When you choose to Move your existing number, your phone number will transfer over to the new phone.


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