No sim card

I bought a new moto x pure, it doesnt have a sim card installed and didn’t come with one that I can find, why?

Hi @j.davidh

Did you purchase the MXP through Republic or is it BYOD?.

RW supplies the SIM with phones purchased from them, BYOD phones must purchase a SIM through the RW store or Amazon.

I bought it from RW, I don’t know what BYOD means

it came with the tool but I see no sim card and it is not installed

if its not in the package with the tool, where would it be? who can I contact to solve this as the phone it usable with out it?

Yes, the SIM is a credit card sized item that should be in the package with the tool.

See: SIM Cards

You need to ‘punch-out’ the correct size for your phone model. Do you not see something that looks like a credit-card?.

It will look like this…

(click to enlarge)

The small portion in the center-left is the actual card itself.

yes I found it at the bottom of the box, Thanks

BYOD-Bring Your Own Device.

Your welcome.

Note: Please insert the SIM over a clean flat surface…I have a brand new one in the internals of a large sectional sofa…

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