No SIM Kit Coverage Warning Until Adding to Cart

My wife and I have had moto x 1st gen’s for years now. After entering in my zip code in the “Shop” section, RW provided the list of phones compatible for my zip code–Moto X Pure being one of them. I then checked the BYOD list provided by RW and verified the Moto X was located in this list as well. I read the extra details on the BYOD page stating that SIM Kit’s required GSM coverage. I then checked the GSM coverage map to verify my area was covered on the GSM coverage map.

Feeling confident I found 2 used XT 1575/X Pure’s on eBay and ordered them. After learning I would need to order a SIM kit rather than transferring SIM’s I clicked the “Add to Cart” button on the SIM kit and then to my surprise received a popup stating the SIM kit did not have coverage in my area. This was such a surprise since I had already verified the coverage for the specific phone by zip code and coverage map.

WHY ISN’T THERE A NOTIFICATION WHEN FIRST SEARCHING THE PHONES BY ZIP CODE THAT THE SIM KITS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE SAME ZIP CODE. I am now out the cost of 2 X Pure’s that might not even work with RW because everything supports purchasing a covered phone until adding a SIM kit to cart.

Not sure what to do at this point. Any Advice?

4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless let’s you know if the SIM kit won’t work in your area. It seems the research/order flow could use some improvement.

the Moto X Pure show compatible due do it being both a CDMA and a GSM phone
the Check Coverage link should say if BYOD is not an option
<img src="//" width=“345” height=83">
note this is not the phone page but the phone page will show the GSM only phones as not compatible

If you check and the GSM partner looks like it should cover your area as non roaming location
GSM Partners coverage map (T-Mobile)
ahead and order the SIMs as the coverage checker may be wrong about you area (and the coverage checker takes in more than just coverage map there are other factors such as tickets about coverage and returns in that area as well
If you want a second option on the coverage maps please post your zip code

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I think it would be better for Republic to but the coverage check for BYOD on the BYOD order page like they do for the Phones

If it is at all feasible for you to return the phones, then that will be the most straightforward way for you to proceed and then buy the phones from RW.

Your other option is to still go ahead and get the SIM cards… activate them and see how they actually work out for you. It is possible that if you are in a marginal coverage area…then you might find that GSM coverage might actually be adequate for you depending on your actual region of usage. If that doesn’t pan out, you can submit a help ticket and see if RW can improve your coverage. Since the Moto X Pure are CDMA and GSM capable phones it is possible that they might be able to send you a CDMA SIM to swap out for your GSM SIM. This is being done on a case by case basis as RW has to consider additional factors before they go down this route. As you can see this process might take some time but may prove to be the cost effective alternative if returning your phones is not an option.

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Sorry for the confusion @republicrevolution. We’re always on the look out on how to improve BYOP and Product selection workflow. I’ll definitely share your experience/feedback with the team.

Also, we’ll get a TAC ticket open for you to ensure we find a proper solution for you. More on that soon.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.


I did end up ordering the SIM cards late last night/early morning. Hoping to find that the coverage map was more accurate than the popup… Glad to hear that RW has issued some CMDA SIM’s as well. Gives me hope if the GSM cards don’t pan out, that I might not be out of options. Thanks for the comment!

Since the GSM coverage map has me covered I did just that: ordered the SIM’s and am hoping to have better results than the popup predicted. I definitely agree that it would be better if they did the coverage check for BYOD just like they do for the phones.

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Hi @republicrevolution,

Thanks for being such a long-time member of the Republic!

i see there’s a support ticket open and everything has been taken care of there. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.


Hello :slight_smile:

I just received the SIM cards yesterday. I followed the procedure using the GSM card for one of the phones, and it activated successfully; however data does not work even though there is an “H” by the signal symbol which appears to stand for HSDPA–perhaps there is just a setting I need to change? I am able to make calls and texts with out issue.

I’m not sure whether I should go ahead and change out the GSM sim withe the CDMA to continue the activation, or how this should be done. It was late when I got home from work and completed the first activation, but may be calling the number provided by y’all tonight for further troubleshooting.

If y’all would be willing to post the next steps here it could save some phone time later.

Thanks Much!

I would recommend adding your observations to your ticket and look for guidance from support.

There are a few things that the community members can recommend but it might be
best for you keep things focussed on your ticket to drive this to a quickest resolution for you.

Do note that even if the solution ends up being a swap for a CDMA SIM card, you will need to first activate your other phone with the GSM card.

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