No SMS connection message


What phone do you have? motog5+

What plan are you on? 2gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description

up to 8.1.0 got first text message since update last nite. saw the No SMS connection message but the texts work fine. sooo? whats with the “No SMS connection message”?


Are you using the latest version of either Google Messages :messages: (formally known as Android Messages) or Republic Anywhere :anywhere: ?


I am having the same issue. I am getting some message as normal but other messages are 8 hours old. My Google Messages is up to date.


@TeeMark & @jimg.5lqges: Is the no SMS connection message an Android or Republic Wireless message/notification?




I was afraid of that, but for testing/elimination could you install Republic Anywhere and make it your Messaging client?


guess i’m noob enough not to know. whatever text app that came with the phone… yesterday i saw the “message” was gone, and thought thats good. not, this morning, its back again… the messages app is a blue circle with the white semi-square in it. thanks, tom


i just installed republic anywhere but i’ll try it later as its too early. crossed fingers , tom


Exact same issues here.
Moto G5+
Everything freshly updated
1 Gigabyte plane with Talk, Text, and Data

“No SMS Connection” message right across the top.


When you next encounter the ‘No SMS connection’ message as shown in the screenshot could you do the following?

  • Do a One Finger swipe down from the top and post back the Republic Notification (verbiage, type and color of arc)
  • Access the Republic App, Settings/Advanced Setting/Run diagnostic test and let us know what the new Diagnostic Test reports? Diagnostics that succeeded, Diagnostics with Warnings and Diagnostics that Failed actually reports?


So I figured out that I get the error when I am out of cell service, but on Wi-Fi. Prior to the update I had no issues sending/receiving SMS.


Seeing the screenshot, it looks like part of the Google Messages app.

I guess Google Messages is “trying to be helpful”. Another user posted in the Google help forms and got back this answer:

That message and icon indicates that you don’t currently have a signal.

As you mention, the phone isn’t seeing a cellular signal so I guess it is a nice reminder but since we are part of Republic, our messages can go fine over wifi.


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