No sound at all

motto 1 gig no sound on anything suddenly. settings up high, did reboot. only thing different is I bought 1 more gig, phone doe not ring either.

Also when asking community for help and you get a response by email and you click “view answer” … can’t find the answer!

Hi @daved.0mri3x,

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If I’m understanding correctly you have a Moto X 1st Gen that has suddenly stopped producing sound of any kind. You can hear your caller speak, there’s no ringtone, no notification tone, and no sound when you try to play media. I ask the following only because I’ve done it far too many times: Is there any chance the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device?

I’m not sure what you mean here, as this topic is the first time you’ve asked something in Community, and my reply is the first reply. How have you experienced this in the past?

motto z play 8.0 no sound at all, no ring tone, no sound when rebooting or listening to voicemail, no sound when receiving call. bluetooth was on but not connected to anything, turned off still same result. no automatic rules turned on. tried clearing cache but when coming to no command and press power button and volume up ,it reboots

Thanks for the additional details about your phone model.

Clearing the cache is a good next troubleshooting steps. Are you using these instructions? How to Clear the Android System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones with a Cache Partition – Republic Help

I notice two things in those instructions. First, you have to perform these steps with no power cords attached. Second, it does say at the step you mentioned that if you wait to long, it will reboot.

i just tried headphones and have sound? Is there a way to switch to speaker? i followed cache instructions many time to no avail

Hi @daved.0mri3x,

As a diagnostic test, would you please open the Device Help app and run a hardware test on both the Speaker and Receiver:

Another test would be to try safe mode to see if you get any sounds out of the speakers:

volume button + failed as did microphone and speaker. headset works however. Did not see “receiver”

Try booting the phone into safe mode and run the tests again.
Safe mode can help tell us if an app is causing this issue.

If the phone still fails the test I can think of only one last suggestion and that is a Factory Reset. Though you may want to hold off on that while you’re still working with @southpaw. :thinking:

I’m hoping this is not a hardware failure. :grimacing:

no luck in safe Mode in the previous failed places. + button doesn’t work (hasn’t worked for a while) for volume but I can increase volume using slider in sound section

I don’t have much else to suggest except one thought. When you say headset works, I’m guessing you mean a wired headset. If so, you might try plugging and unplugging the headset into the earphone jack a few times. Every now and then we see the hardware in the jack fail to recognize that the headset has been unplugged, so the phone continues to act as if a headset is plugged in, and a few times of plugging/unplugging can sometimes unstick whatever’s stuck.

still stuck…

This would be your last step:

If this fails you’ll either need a repair or replacement. :slightly_frowning_face:

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