No sound notification for Anywhere on laptop

I have a Moto X4, data, talk, and text 1 GB plan.

I’ve been told that Anywhere is no longer being supported, but I prefer it over Google Messages. The problem I’m having is that I’m not receiving a sound notification on my laptop when I receive a text message and often miss important texts. I’ve checked all sound settings, and everything seems to be in order. Shouldn’t I be receiving sound notifications when an Anywhere text message is received…or am I trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist?!

Hi @judy12205,

There does seem to be confusion out there regarding this including among some Republic agents (which I’m not). My understanding is Republic is no longer actively developing Anywhere but that’s not the same as no longer being supported.

I receive notification sounds when Anywhere receives messages on multiple Mac laptops, so I know it can work. Do you have a Mac or a PC? Either way, it might very well be a settings issue on your laptop as opposed to an Anywhere issue per se.

I was told “no longer being supported,” so I wasn’t able to resolve my problem.

Hi @judy12205,

I appreciate what you were told and depending upon whom one poses the question to I’m aware one might very well receive that answer. Yet, you’re here asking the question.

So, my questions to you remain the same. Are you using a Mac or a PC? Have you checked your laptop’s sound and/or notifications settings to be certain they’re properly set for Anywhere. Once again, I’m using Anywhere on multiple Mac laptops running the latest version of macOS. Sound notifications for Anywhere work on all of them.

I’m glad to hear that your sound notifications work. At least I know that mine should work! I’m using Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop with updates routinely performed. Anywhere is set for sound notifications “on.” I receive sounds for a multitude of other apps/programs, so my sound system is fine. I do receive a notification sound on my phone, but, of course, that’s a different story.

Hi @judy12205,

Thank you for letting us know you have a PC laptop running Windows 10. Alas, I don’t use Windows 10 regularly, so am probably not the best person to attempt troubleshooting that. Hopefully, another Community member who does use Windows 10 will jump in.

As a shot in the dark, I’ll throw out turning Anywhere notifications off on your laptop, restarting it, then turning notifications back on.

I tried that last night and it didn’t help. :cry:

Hi @judy12205 I’ve been following this thread and have something you might check. I do not have Republic Anywhere installed on my Windows 10 laptop so not sure this is a solution but here goes…

It’s my understanding that certain apps may be set up to use different sound devices than the default. Suggest you look in advance sound options and see if Republic Anywhere has a sound option setting.

Settings>System>Sound> scroll down to Advanced sound options>App volume and device preferences and see if Republic Anywhere is listed. If so, see what device is listed and the volume level.

Others who actually use Anywhere on Windows 10 might have some suggestions too!

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Anywhere isn’t listed.

Ah…the disadvantage of not having Anywhere installed on my system (I’m using the standard Google Messages). Didn’t know if Anywhere would be listed.

I did find a “How to” for How to Check Text Message Notification Settings in the Republic Anywhere App for the Computer – Republic Help

You may have already done this but thought I’d throw it out there :grinning:

Fingers crossed someone who is running Anywhere on a Windows 10 system can jump in with some other checks. Sorry I can’t be more help.

It simply says “Show notifications” (doesn’t mention sound) and has been checked off through this whole process of figuring out what’s wrong. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Thanks very much for trying. I wonder how Anywhere ends up on a list with respect to notifications. My PIM is a third-party program, and that’s listed.

It could be worse. At least I’m able to send and receive messages. Google Messages frequently doesn’t do so, and if my phone isn’t on (which it generally is, but you never know!), I don’t get messages at all.

Hi @judy12205

I installed anywhere on my Windows 10 PC and had a few test texts sent. It does make a notification sound.
I tracked the sound location in Windows. Would you please take a look on your laptop to see if you have a sound setting setup?

First, please open the Control Panel. You can click on the “start” button and type “control” and it will pop up for you to click on.
Then click on “sound”

Then click on the “sounds” tab and scroll till you see “notification”
Does it make a sound when you click the test button?


(This should be the sound you hear for Anywhere when a text arrives.)

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I did that last night and actually chose a preferred sound…but it doesn’t work in Anywhere for me. I have no idea what’s interfering with it.

Has Anywhere ever made a sound?
If it has, I would try uninstalling and re-installing Anywhere.
Actually, I would try it if it never made the sound as well… :blush:

I uninstalled and reinstalled Anywhere this morning. It didn’t help.

In Sound Settings, App volume and device preferences, several programs are listed (e.g., Firefox, Cortana, my PIM, and Skype). Should Anywhere be listed? If so, how does it get there???

Thank you. Sorry nothing is helping!

No, it does not show up on mine.

But good thinking! :slight_smile:

How about this Windows setting:

Is Anywhere “on”?
And is there a check in “allow notifications to play sounds”?

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