No sound notifications for emails

  1. I can’t get email notification sounds on my POP3 account, or any email account.

I have a new Moto e4 with Android 7.1 and am currently using the remaining minutes of pay-as-you-go T-mobile account, before switching to Republic wireless. I love the phone and have downloaded Bluemail to link two email accounts, Yahoo, and a local POP3 account. I think all the settings are correct in “Settings”, but I get an email notification sound for the Yahoo account, but not the POP3.

“Do not disturb” is turned off
“Block All” is off
“Show silently” is off
The volume on the phone is at 100%

The only difference between the two accounts is that Yahoo is in “Push” mode, and the POP3 account is in “Fetch” mode, with the fetch interval of 3 minutes. In the Bluemail > More > Settings > Notifications > “Fetch or Manual” part of Bluemail there is a grayed out note that says “Push-not available for POP3 accounts”. My POP3 account is my main mailbox so I sure would like to get it ringing in.

  1. Update: It seems that people are having problems with many types of phones, with many different providers, and frequently after the update to Android Nougat!!!

The people over here:

seem to have the same problem with their S8s.

and the people over here:

have discovered that the problem seems to have mysteriously appeared with the update to Android 7.

My phone is less than two weeks old and came with Android 7.1, and I am suspecting that this is the issue.

I did decide to uninstall Bluemail, and went with K-9, which I like, but it has the same problem. I’ve been away from android for a while (daughter gave me her old iphone), and haven’t ever switched POP3 for IMAP, so will wait on that until I find out if the problem is with Android 7.

  1. At the advice of someone on another thread, I did a factory reset, and used only a gmail account, and then added my pop3 account. NO CHANGE! Seems like this is an ANDROID problem that needs to be addressed, and probably not a Republic problem.

Anyone else have this problem, or answers, or help? Thanks in advance.

is there anyway you can change the POP3 to a IMAP (most providers will have options for both (POP was never really design to be access from multiple devices like IMAP)

also have you tried to add the POP3 mail in the Gmail app (Android preferred email app and can handle email from more than just Gmail)


When you setup your POP account did you allow Bluemail to set it up or did you manually enter the POP settings? I would suggest allowing the app to set it up. This is usually done by choosing Other.

Downloaded the app, I set it up my Juno account (Juno uses POP) as Other and set the fetch time to 3 minutes. Sent a message from my Google account and I received audio notification and Bluemail icon appeared on notification bar. It worked!

Thanks for both responses, DRM, I found out that Midco, (just bought out Wow, that bought out Knology, that bought out Sunflower) doesn’t offer IMAP. I added the POP acct to gmail, but I have to manually check it. Toucan, I set up the pop settings myself, can go back and try it the other way. I’ll give it a shot.

If you decide to stick with GMail app, use Other with that app too. For whatever reason these apps do better when they set up the emails themselves. I also use GMail for my POP account and I do receive notifications, again I set it up using Other. GMail will only fetch new email every 15 minutes, it doesn’t offer anything more frequent than that.

I set up Bluemail just now, and let it do it’s thing. Then had my wife send me an email and it came in almost immediately, but now sound. Changed the fetch to 3 from 15, but all the notifications we on, I think.

In the app did you set a notification sound?

Go to 3 dots lower right corner
Custom Incoming Sound
From the list choose a sound

Then test it out. By the way, have you restarted the phone recently? It’s a good idea to do it, after installing or updating apps.

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It seems to be working now, two emails from my wife have come in with the sound. Thanks so much. Now I have both Bluemail and the Google/Gmail thing, both with both accounts. Do they interfere with each other, or does one take priority? I’m thinking I should delete the POP acct from the Google app since Bluemail is working, and I almost never use my Gmail acct. Whatcha think?

I’ve used several different email apps at once without trouble. If you prefer Bluemail you can delete the POP account from GMail or you can just turn off sync and leave it.

To turn off Sync
Open GMail app
Tap on 3 bars in upper left corner
Scroll down to Settings
Tap on the POP account
Scroll down and uncheck the box for Sync Email OR Sync Frequency and choose Never

Thanks so much, you’ve been a great help. I will reboot the phone, didn’t know apps did better that way. Will keep you posted if I have any more problems.

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Glad to help!

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