No sound notifications on G3


I have a Motorola G3 on Republic Refund Plan - data, text and talk. Starting yesterday, I am not receiving any sound notifications on talk or text. Phone only vibrates. Tested speaker by answering phone call and speaker is working during phone call. Volume is maxed and All is selected. Deleted Zedge and selected Moto sound. Do not even hear sounds when I try to selected different ring tones. Powered Off and back On. Turned Bluetooth Off and Powered Off and On. Cleared Cache Data under Storage. I do not use Republic Anywhere.


Try running in Safe Mode for a period of testing, often an update to an existing app or a recently added app can cause conflict, and this will help isolate the problem (use of SafeMode prevents loading of all 3rd party apps, but the Republic App has a resident shim that allows it to run as normal … subsequent reboot will put you back to normal)


Just tried running in Safe Mode … sound notifications still not working …


Well now we know one more thing to add to the list of things that didn’t fix it for you :slight_smile:

  • I realize you don’t normally use Republic Anywhere, but it’s always a good bet for eliminating problems, as well as there have been updates to Google Messages (aka Android Messages) and those are the only two apps that are fully supported by Republic


Thanks for the advice. I will download Republic Anywhere now. I’m showing all device software is updated - would that include Google Messages?? I don’t see a separate app for Google Messages other than the icon on home page.



Should I delete Hangups?? I haven’t used it, but it came with the phone.


  • I really don’t see a need to remove Hangups and the Google/Android Messages can be found in the :appsicon:
    under 'M’
  • If from within Google Play Store/:menu: /My Apps & games it shows ‘No updates available’ you’re up to date and ready to test


Believe it or not, Messages is not listed under M on my apps list or on Google Play installed apps. Oh well … the dreaded Factory Reset (after a complete backup) is in my future.


if you haven’t installed Google Messages it will not be in the app drawer or listed in Google play installed list (Google messages replaced the old Android Messaging that came as part of the Moto G 3rd ROM and the Messaging has not been supported for awhile and is basically abandon-ware)


Hi @dallasl.efpttq, Before doing a factory reset, please clear cache - that solves some Moto G sound quirks fairly often.


I cleared cache yesterday … no luck. Did Factory Reset and phone still isn’t ringing and neither are texts. But you can hear and talk once a call is answered.


Did you have Google restore all your apps on reset…or did you disable that option?


At this point, I am so confused I don’t know what I did … I was able to get my contacts and photos. But several apps are missing.


Hi @dallasl.efpttq,

Just to be sure - you mentioned that you cleared cached data under storage, but the clear cache function I was suggesting is different: Clearing the Cache – Republic Help.

Could you also try plugging and unplugging a headphone or earbud set into the jack a few times?


I will try both - thanks!



I had a G3 speaker fail recently (could talk and hear on the phone, but phone wouldn’t ring or sound notifications). I was able to diagnose this by using Motorola’s Device Help app and running a speaker test:


Hi @dallasl.efpttq,

There’s also a similar discussion in another topic where @granny48 has found that just trying Textra has somehow made her notification sounds work on other messaging apps as well.

Maybe that’s worth a try? It could be an update to something on the phone has silenced the notifications and setting up Textra somehow unsilences it.


Were you able to fix it?


No. I guess I could have tried to have it repaired, but it wasn’t worth the cost and effort to me.


The one setting that I had to change in the Textra app was the reminder notification if I hadn’t read the app. I had “never” chosen originally in the Textra settings. Once I changed the setting to “one time”, the sound notification started working in all apps.