No sound notifications or anything resembling


moto e4. no sound is working when i go to text app and check which ringtone is selected it is silent. also when someone calls its silent.i checked settings but i may be missing something.i tried to dial a number to check if each touch would sound and is silent. also when i touched a number it would not register if i hit it again it would register several didgits…when i touch a number it take two seconds to register…sorry to bother ya. reboot fixed it. thanks


A user question is never a bother (the forum is manned by users like yourself, who will try to get you an answer)
Your problem description would indicate that something was holding up a process, and you fixed it with the re-boot … all is well

Here is the things that many of us would do:

  • Make note of any indicators or Notifications
  • Power off/on the phone … a key step that many of us forget to mention :blush:
  • Boot up in Safe Mode to see if a 3rd party app is the cause
  • With Moto phones, there is :motohelp: Moto Help avail in the :appsicon: App drawer … provides online help and diagnostic test


i didn’t want to do a factory reset and have to redo my apps, was happy the reboot worked. yesterday i had a call and a text come in at the same time.