No sound on Moto G 4

I have a Moto G4
I am on the 1GB plan, and that includes data.

Issue Description

In between this afternoon and tonight, the sound on my phone stopped working (both speakers and headphones). Since I thought that would indicate a software issue, here are the steps I’ve taken:

  1. I restarted the phone

  2. I downloaded a few anti virus programs (you never know) and they found nothing

  3. I cleared the cache partition (since that was recommended when I googled the problem

I’d like to avoid doing a factory reset since it would be a hassle with some of the apps I have on my phone, but will do it if needed. Are there any other potential causes that I could troubleshoot?

Some more information: when I try to play a podcast it will not even play the audio, and when I try to make or receive a call, it doesn’t seem to connect the call

Hi @josephs.lygbii,

First, if you haven’t already done so, please remove the anti-virus apps.

Try starting the phone in safe mode and see if any audio functions work like that.


another thing to do is to run hardware test via the Moto Help App

look for the Moto Help app (:motohelp:) in the App Drawer
go to the Fix tab and select hardware test for both the Speakers and headphones

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Thank you for the reply. I did remove the apps after they found nothing. I have also tried in safe mode and was unable to get sound.

I just ran hardware tests and neither of them passed.

If the hardware test failed we are looking at a hardware failure (though I will admit having both headphones and speaker fail at the same time is unusual)

I would start a support ticket at Motorola

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