No sound on moto g


i was wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem.

phone does not ring when a call is coming in.

No sound when on youtube or game apps from speaker.

there is sound if you use headphones.

I have tried turning phone off/on and a soft reset.

Phone info is backed up so I was going to try a hard reset next.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Sounds like a speaker gone bad - a warranty problem. Factory reset would be needed prior to Republic agreeing to replace the phone. Go for it and be careful not to restore apps or settings, and then open a support ticket if the trouble continues.


Any chance you have a screen protector covering the speaker?


Umm, the loudspeaker that is used for ringing and music playing is on the back of the phone - difficult to cover with a screen protector.

(Feel free to just delete the comment and this response along with it…)


I had a similar problem (loss of external sound) and found help on another discussion that I can’t find again right now. The answer was to clear the cache on my phone. I tried it and it worked.


Clearing the Cache