No sound, only vibration for incoming calls - need sound

My month old Moto G4 vibrates but doesn’t ring now. When a call comes in a small screen comes up saying “dismiss” or “asnwer” but I want to hear my incoming calls. Some help articles suggest go to home screen - what is that? (Phone icon, Appl. icon, Settings icon, Republic Wireless???) My wife shut off many notifications as I was having a phone churping all night when someone would post to Facebook, etc.

Can you slowly walk me through how to fix this please? Thank you.

Try this: Hold the volume-up button until a dialog box appears at the top of the home screen. Be sure All is selected in that dialog box.

The home screen is the screen that appears when you tap on the Home icon in the bottom center of the phone.

That happens to me after I use my Bluetooth turn the Bluetooth off restart the phone and your ringer should be fine

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Your suggestion worked. Thank you.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I reset Bluetooth, rebooted and now it’s working.


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