No speaker audio after replacing a battery on Moto X2? Read this

I to recently had a NO ring/NO sound problem after replacing my battery on my Moto X 2nd Gen. After checking everything RW and others had suggested I found this link that solved my problem. Seems the new replacement battery was a tad thicker than the original, so the two contacts on the phone speaker would not touch the contacts on the back cover – thus I got no sound on incoming calls or audio on for example YouTube.
Here’s the link that shows the resolved. – Good Luck - Zack


Good feedback Zack … thanks for sharing :southpawpoms:

Thanks for posting this. I wish I had realized that the battery was replaceable on the X2. I just bought a new phone because my battery nosedived after the last firmware update.

The battery is ‘replaceable’ however there is a learning curve as it was not intended to be user replaceable
Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation Battery by iFixIt


Thanks jben.

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That link no longer works. Is that info anywhere else? Just replaced my x2 battery. Now I have no sound.

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I was able to find an archived copy of the post that was linked by @zacks.sbl7k7 at

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