No speaker phone

MotoZ play
Unlimited talk and text
1G data
No speaker phone volume.
Started a couple days ago.
Did reboot…nothing
Did reboot in safe mode… nothing
Held down lower volume key for a couple seconds then power key. Nothing.
I am very frustrated!
I do need the speaker phone while driving, my car is 12 yrs old and has no Bluetooth capacity.
Please help

This doesn’t sound good. If the problem persists after a factory reset contact Motorola:

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Will I be able to put all of my “stuff” back after the reset?

Your contacts should be here:

Your photos should be here:

Your calendar should be here:

If you use Republic Anywhere for messaging then your messaging is backed up for 3 or 4 months. What else do you have?

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Google documents and drive

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Thanks Billg


You’re welcome. Let us know how this turns out for you.

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Hi @micheleg.fmd3nd,

If you haven’t performed the Factory Reset yet, I would encourage you to try to clear the cache first. From what you typed, it sounds like you may have tried, but may not have completed the process.

Instructions are here:

I tried clearing the cache, it did not solve the problem.
The factory re-set did the trick!
Thanks again for all of the info and help.
Can’t beat Republic Wireless!


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