No texting without wifi at least half the time

What phone do you have? Moto E4

What plan are you on? $15 talk & text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data (though my data is turned on on the phone - I know that is a common issue)

Issue Description

For the past several months, I have had issues with sending or receiving messages when I do not have Wifi. It seems to be somewhat location dependent, but I am in the middle of the city. I have cell, but it says I have no ability to send or receive messages. Before the summer, I did not have this issue, so it has worked properly on this phone before. When I have wifi, everything works as it should.

Hi @amandaf.dcrbod - have you tried doing system updates?

As a first step, please open the Republic app on your E4. Does it invite you to buy a SIM even though you already have one in the phone?

If so, please see here: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help .

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No, it does not.

Also, I checked - my phone said it is up to date on updates.

Hi @amandaf.dcrbod - here’s a thread from another member who had texting problems on a Moto E4. Please read through the thread and see if your situation is similar…especially regarding roaming data.

A screenshot taken when you are having the problem could help isolate the issue. Other members might jump in here with some other suggestions too!

Do you know the type of SIM card in your phone? If not, please use this help article

Also, if you could share your zip code…we can help look up the coverage in your area.

GSM sim card. My zip code is 84105.

Coverage looks good in that area. I recommend trying this

I will note this here…even though you may have already tried some of the steps.

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Thanks. Everything looks like it should. I did reset my Republic connection and refreshed my Republic activation. I will see if that helps the problem.

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Good luck, let us know how it goes. If the issue persists please submit a ticket

Just checking in to see if you are continuing to experience any issues with texting.

Maybe one small issue. I’ll know better today because I won’t be around wifi as much


I am still having intermittent issues. A couple times, I restarted my phone and then it eventually start working, but it often happens when I am on the bus, so I’m not sure if it’s the restarting or the change in location. But again, it’s not always when I do not have wifi, just occasionally. It is getting frustrating because I am worried I won’t get important texts randomly.

Intermittent issues are harder to track down.

How are you determining that you have stopped receiving texts when you decide to restart your phone? Do texts simply stop arriving while you are expecting them…or do you get a
“cannot send, try again” error message?

I am wondering if you are accidentally picking up WiFi connections on your bus ride that do not have internet access. Common ones that get added to your saved connection are
“xfinity wifi” and “Cable WiFi”…if you see these…please delete them from your saved connections and see if that improves your texting experience while on the bus. You could also simply disable WiFi for a short duration…and see if that gives you a consistent experience while you are on Cellular. Also watch out for any changes to your cellular signal…such as an “x” on the cellular signal…or absence of LTE or 4G on the top of your cellular signal.

I usually notice because I try to send a message and it fails. It will always say that I only have calls and no texts or data when I have this problem.

Over the last few months as I tried to fix the problem, I have been getting rid of all those saved connections, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. I also will turn the Wifi off entirely, but that also don’t solve the problem. It will show an “x” on the cellular signal. But I don’t understand why. I am in the middle of Salt Lake City, in a place that is supposed to have fine service. I feel like if I can’t get a reliable signal for texts unless I am on Wifi, I might have to switch from Republic. I’ve been with them for several years, but if the texts are unreliable I am not really getting what I am paying for.

The x does mean that you don’t have cellular data connection and that explains why you you are unable to text while it is displaying the “x”

If you haven’t already done it, I would recommend trying this

Yes, I did that a week ago but still having problems.

Sorry I missed that you had noted that in an earlier post.

I think the only other suggestion that I have is, you could try getting a CDMA SIM card.
Since you noted you have been with RW from several years… if you started out with one of the phones on the 1.0 or 2.0 plans…those worked on Sprint…and if that provided you good texting experience…then that might work out to be a better option for you.

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