No texting without wifi

un able to text without wifi

Which phone, when provided may provide better responses for you,
Check your Data & Roaming settings

Hi @davidb.cveufb,

Did this problem just start on a phone that was working all along?

When you’re away from WiFi, do you see any cellular “bars” showing cellular signal strength, at all?

Yes I see full bars, and I have been doing texting for years away from wifi. This suddenly happened. I can still call on cell signal. Before this happened I could see small arrows to the left of the cell signal strength icon, but that is now blank??? thanks, Dave

PS I have a Galaxy J7. SM-J727U

What does the Republic App show when you do a 1 finger swipe down from the status (top) What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help

currently at lake cabin typical no cell signal, and wifi is connected, if that is what you mean.

Enjoy the lake :slight_smile: … but was more interested in what you see when you display the current Notification from Republic. I don’t have a Galaxy J7, so the generic 1 finger swipe down might not be what you need to do

under Notifications and Advanced showing all my apps, the republic app was off. I did turn it on, don’t remember it being off or on. I would have to drive to a solid cell signal to see if that was it. By the way there are no cell signals here in summer, and a big reason I have republic. Hope the lake gets warm enough for swimming up here soon in Northern MN:)

When I walk up from the lake out of wifi I get notice, and get cell signal the Republic app states:
“On CelI
Calls over cell. No access to messages or voicemail. Check your network connection.”

This would appear to be a change in service from Republic, as I was always able to do messages on cell signal??

Try going to the same place, then go into the Android Settings and turn off your WiFi (as a test)

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I had to drive a couple of miles to get a stable and stronger cell signal. Then I turned wifi off and on, and turned cell off and on, finally the normal icon next to the cell signal strength that says: LTE with two little arrows under it, that alternate, came back on and I was able to text. (it is the wifi signal when one is available) Not sure how it started working again but seems to be!! thanks

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Glad that it provided a bit of help, you might want to let Republic know of the conditions that worked/didn’t work and what you had to do to get it to text. There have been quite a few discussion surrounding the latest RW App update and your information may be of interest to them
Adding @southpaw for interest (not that she ever misses any updates for the community)

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Thanks @jben,

Our Help Team isn’t actually set up to take reports of solved issues, unless you simply mean updating an existing ticket. Having the info here is helpful though.

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like @davidb.cveufb may have experienced this:

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I was actually thinking that perhaps the phone did not completely transistion from WiFi to Cell, but am probably confusing the subject … I need to stop fixing when it’s not broke :slight_smile:

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