No Texts After Data Runs Out

My son is unable to text anything once he uses all his data. He has a Moto g⁷. We just thought this was normal since the rest of the family checks to ensure they don’t run out of data, but I was told he should still be able to text.

Hi @chrisp.sehv7v,

As a starting point, please ask your son to confirm the network settings on his phone:

Most importantly, please make sure he’s not turning off cell data in Android settings in an attempt to preserve cell data for Internet use. Republic service does actually require cell data for text messaging but cell data for text messaging is whitelisted meaning cell data for text messaging as opposed to Internet access is included in the talk & text portion of Republic’s plans and kept separate from any cell data purchased for Internet access.

If he wants to preserve his purchased cell data for Internet use, please ask him to use Republic’s Data Freeze feature:

With Republic’s current My Choice plans, this should not be the case. Cell data for Internet access is not required for text messaging. This would be the wrong topic to attempt troubleshooting what’s going on when your son runs out of cell data but if interested in doing that, you might consider opening a topic for Community help with that.


Cell data for Internet access is not required for text messaging.

I’ve actually found this to not be true if you have RCS (rich chat services enabled) for texting. I had to disable RCS to send/receive texts when I had run out of data

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You raise a valid point. Text messaging historically refers to SMS/MMS. RCS is an over the top (meaning it uses an Internet data connection either WiFi or cell) feature. The same is true of Apple’s iMessage on iPhones.

As an aside, Republic does not currently support RCS though one is free to use it if it works for them:


You solved the problem. Thanks.


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