No unlimited data? I'm going to switch to T-Mobile

I M extremely tired of having to buy data as I’m going when I’m traveling, it feels so irritating. If Republic Wireless doesn’t add a comparable mobile data plan like T-Mobile, with unlimited high speed LTE data, and also stuff like binge on, and mobile hotspot data included, then I’m switching next week.

Hi, and welcome back to the community. The Republic model has always been one that caters to lower data users. As they don’t own the network (as T-Mobile does) they can’t exclude certain data and offer unlimited usage to customers because they have to pay for every byte of data the customers use. Statistics available actually show that most people would benefit from plans like Republic’s because they’re paying $65 or more for unlimited data but actually only using a few GB each month, essentially drastically overpaying for that data.

All that being said, there are a few reasons why Republic wouldn’t be a fit. One of those is if you’re a high data user. If you regularly find yourself buying more data each month than the cost of a plan that you could get some where else, than Republic might not be the right fit.


“Unlimited is unnecessary” is or was RW’s tag line for quite some time. That is pretty much the main selling point of RW is for uses who do not need unlimited data and are always on wifi. Their website and marketing makes their goal and target consumer quite obvious. No where do they advertise having unlimited data. (I would think that someone who requires Unlimited data would simply pass over RW or others that do not offer it.)

Have you actually tracked how much data you really use? Most folks pay $80+ a month for 1 line on big name carriers for “Unlimited” (but has limits of some sort) and only use maybe 1-3GB. Such a waste of money. Metro by tmobile’s cheapest plan is $50 for Unlimited ad Post paid TM is $70 and higher. For folks that regularly use less than 1GB, we pay $20 a month. If we need to use more, its $5 per GB which is quite cheap compared to the competition like Google Fi, at $10 per GB. (RW was at $15 per 1GB on the old Legacy plans)

If you are normally a heavy data user, then RW, a wifi centered, low mobile data use provider, is most certainly not a fit for you.

For me, and many here, we find wifi everywhere! Xfinity wifi hotspots are almost impossible to avoid in many areas, my phone will find one in the strangest places I have found. We also can find ways to conserve mobile data when we do need to use it. Like downloading Maps for offline use, or pre-download media like video or podcasts for local playback or limiting Video streaming to SD or just finding a wifi hotspot and setting Google Photos backup to only use wifi…etc. Many things can be done to reduce data use.

And when you ask for “Unlimited Data” are u referring to high speed data or the super slowed Unlimited data thing that many companies do?
That super slowed Unlimited data is quite useless, 128K or 256K speeds I have found cripples a smartphone. They claim u can use it for basic things like email and maps, but i never could get it to work to pull an email or even load a twitter feed.

Also, could you further expand upon how you find it inconvenient to have to buy data before a trip or a known period of time where u know u are going to be using allot of data.?
Most find the processes very fast and simple.
Just open the RW app, click add One time data, u can add up to 15GB, click, done.
Takes 30 secs or less.

I am pretty sure RW will never offer Unlimited high speed data.
But I am sure they will find ways to become more competitive, as shown by now offering a Annual plan.

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