No Visual Voicemail on Moto Phones (My Phone App doesn't show me a list of my voicemail)


I opened my phone this morning to experiment with saving voicemails. I opened the phone app on my G6, tapped the voicemail icon and found this:

The same thing happened before and a workaround was provided. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the information.

I hate calling VM to retrieve messages and I am not particularly interested in visual voicemail.

Thanks for reading.

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Good Morning @joker_1,

The latest incarnation of this dilemma seems to involve an interaction between Google’s Phone app and Messages by Google.

For now, the best available “solution” is uninstalling updates for either Google’s Phone app or Messages by Google.

With that said, I’m taking the liberty of moving your post into a preexisting topic covering the issue.

As an aside, visual voicemail (a listing of voicemails received not a transcription of those voicemails) is what you’re interested in and what’s missing per the screenshot you were kind enough to share.

Yes. That is exactly right. Thanks for adding clarity, rolandh.

Could you please list the steps for uninstalling updates to the phone app? Thank you.

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Thank you. It worked!!!


Uninstalling the updates worked. But this is the second time this has happened and I’m assuming the phone app will update automatically again and break this all over. Is there a longer term solution?

10/13/21. RW’s solution for fixing the missing VoiceMail icons, simply uninstall the latest Phone app update, is very simple. I’ve avoided updating Phone for the last month or so, and I would have expected a permanent solution by now. It’s a nuisance to manually update ALL my Android apps just to prevent updating my Google Phone app. As a test,
I updated my Phone app a few days ago, and my VM icons disappeared again. Does RW have an ETA when this VM will be resolved?

I’m afraid not at this time. The next update to Google’s Phone app might be the fix or not. And, once fixed, there’s no guarantee Google won’t break it again in a future update.

To the best of my knowledge, no. This latest permutation of the issue appears to be an interaction of some sort between Google’s Phone app and Messages by Google. Republic may or may not be able to code a workaround to its app, however, Republic is not in a position to fix either Google’s Phone app or Messages by Google.

The above said, it is possible to disable auto-update for Google’s Phone app only leaving the other apps on one’s phone to auto-update if that’s one’s choice. To disable auto-update for Google’s Phone app only:

  1. Open Google’s Play Store app
  2. Search for “Phone by Google”
  3. Select “Phone by Google”
  4. Tap three dots to the upper right
  5. Uncheck Enable auto update

What phone do you have? Moto e5 play

What plan are you on? my plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk & text

Issue Description

I cannot see my voicemails on my phone. they disappeared. I have to call the voice mail phone number to retrieve them. very inconvenient. thanks!

Hi @ntyoung77,

I believe you are among those experiencing an issue seemingly introduced by a recent update to Messages by Google. I’ll grant it’s not particularly obvious why an update to Google’s text messaging app would cause visual voicemail to disappear but there appears to be an interaction of some sort between Google’s Phone app and Messages by Google behind it.

Currently, the most reliable available solutions are uninstalling updates to either Google’s Phone app or Messages by Google.

With that said, I’m moving your post into an already existing topic on the matter.

So… a new twist on this. Yesterday I uninstalled updates to the Phone app and my visual voicemails reappeared. Great! Just now the voicemails vanished again. So I went to the Play Store and updated the Phone App and the voicemails reappeared…

Ahhhhhhhh!!! This is making me crazy.

I am seriously considering switching to Apple, given Google’s screwing around. Yeah, I hate to pay that much extra for a phone, but in terms of saving time wasted trying to play catchup with what Google’s engineers are doing, it might be better in the long run.

this solution worked for me, thanks!

Yep, this just worked for me. Moto G Power.

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Actually, scratch that. It worked for about 90 seconds, and then the voicemails disappeared again. (This is not even visual voicemail at this point; Phone was saying that I had no voicemail messages at all.)

So, just like the poster in the message two above me, I re-updated Phone and my voicemail list was back. Still no visual voicemail, but at least I can click and listen to the messages from the app list again.

Very frustrating.

Visual Voicemail is simply a list of your voicemail messages with an interface that allows you to play them from the list, without having to dial in.

If you’re seeing a list of your voicemail messages on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app, then you have Visual Voicemail.

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It’s very confusing having multiple topics on the same issue currently in Community. Not to mention, some of the replies in this topic come from earlier instances of this vanishing voicemail issue.

I’m locking this topic, and encourage everyone currently experiencing an empty voicemail tab in the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones to please join the conversation, here:

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