No voice calls in or out

when some one calls me it goes straight to voicemail. When I call out it tells me voice calls can not be made on this phone. I have restarted the phone and deleted all apps I have resenly added. I can text I make all my calls through wifi do to no cell service in the area

Hi @krisa.pxnhi8 and welcome to the Member Community. I’d start by doing a refresh of the RW activation.

Let’s see if that helps!

@krisa.pxnhi8 Are you still needing assistance with this issue?

I can call out but when people call in it just goes to voicemail.

Hi @krisa.pxnhi8,

Are the inbound calls going straight to voicemail for all callers and no matter whether your phone is on WiFi or cell?

Not sure about cell. I’m on wifi because there is no cell service where I live.

Do all inbound calls go to cell, or just some? What if you leave the phone on the charger? (This is an informational question meant to diagnose a possible problem, not a suggestion that you must always keep your cell phone attached to a cord in the wall.)

All calls coming in go to voice mail on charger or not. I can call out.

Is this happening on only one phone, or multiple phones in your household?

Which phone models?

Do you have any call blocking apps on the phone or any call blocking features disabled.

Do you see anything at all on the screen when a call comes in?

Do you get a “missed call” notification, or just the voicemail notification?

Just my phone I have a Moto g. I get no notification the only way I even get the voicemails is if I turn off my wifi and turn it back on again. No blocking software that I know of. There is two other republic phones on the same wifi and 1 Verizon. They all work fine.

Okay, it’s starting to sound like an issue that is beyond anything you’re going to be able to configure. A couple of last things…

First, would you mind rebooting your Wi-Fi network?
Turn off your phone.
Turn off (or unplug from the power source) your router.
If the router and modem are two separate things, turn off (or unplug from the power source) your modem.
Wait 2 minutes.
Turn on/plug in the modem and wait for all the lights to settle into their normal patterns.
Turn on/plug in the router, and wait for all the lights to settle into their normal patterns.
Turn on your phone, wait for it to connect to the Wi-FI network, and have someone try calling you.

The second thing we would normally try at this point would be asking you to test on another Wi-Fi network. I don’t know what your current habits are given the COVID-19 situation, but if you are still going places for groceries or to pick up carry-out meals, it might be possible to connect to a public Wi-Fi network while you’re out (even parking outside a Lowes hardware store or McDonald’s can allow you to connect to their WiFi without exposing you to other people) and texting a family member to say, “try calling me now.”
But I fully understand if this isn’t a possibility for you at this time.

After you reply to me on each of these things, if the evidence suggests this issue is beyond both the configuration of your phone and the state of your Wi-Fi network, I’d like to personally create a Help ticket on your behalf, get some recent call samples with you (likely by trying to call you a few times from my own phones), and then have our technicians look into where the failure is happening in the call flows.

ok I can do all that. the closes wifi to me is another hour away. I will he heading into town to get supplies next week. I will contact you back then when i see how my phone works there.

Ok I can receive calls on cell towers but not on wifi on my phone. The only way I know someone tried to call me is if they leave a voicemail. The voicemails come if I turn off my wifi then restart it again then I will get any voicemails that someone left for me.

Hi @krisa.pxnhi8,

Just to make sure I’m understanding your reply, did you get to try calls on another Wi-Fi network while you were in town, or just test on cell?

I did both the cell call Went through fine. The call on the various wifi. I could call out but received calls went straight to voicemail and my family had to text me to let me know that they tried to call. I had no idea. Other then when I restarted my wifi the voicemail came through. There was no indication that anyone had tried to call me if no voicemails were left.

Hi @krisa.pxnhi8,

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you on this.

Thanks for checking on cell calls while you were out. It’s good that everything is working on cell when you have cellular coverage.

Do you have battery saver enabled or any battery-saving apps, or apps that are meant to make the phone run more efficiently?

Earlier you wrote:

Do you mean you have to reboot your router, or do you mean you have to toggle WiFi off and back on, on the phone?

No I don’t.

Hi @krisa.pxnhi8,

I think your reply means you don’t have any battery saving apps or efficiency apps running. I’m not sure if you saw my second question.

You wrote that voicemails come if you turn off your WiFI then restart it again. I wasn’t clear if you meant you’re having to turn off the router, or toggle WiFI off and back on on the phone itself.

I Google the wifi on and off on my phone.

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