No voice mail on Defy xt again

What phone do you have? defy xt

What plan are you on? old

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

Same issue that happened last summer. Cannot access VM on wifi or cell since yesterday. I didn’t see anybody else post on it so I wanted to let ya know it’s happening again

Hi @eekzues,

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I’m not seeing last year’s conversation. Can you tell us more about what happens when you try to access voicemail? What steps are you taking, and where does it fail, and what does the failure look/sound like?

I can’t find either. It is a server issue. On WiFi it calls yourself, on cell after maybe a min you get a fast busy sound. I must be the last Defy lover! lol I’ll open a ticket tomorrow.

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I had the same problem last week with my Defy. I solved it by using the instructions here:

Fixed it immediately.
Good luck,


That did the trick thanks!!!


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