No voice to person called when on WiFi

I have a Moto G5Plus on a Republic Wireless MyChoice + 1GB plan. My problem is that often when I call my daughter on her cell phone, which is on Verizon network, I can hear her but she can’t hear me. This only occurs when I am connected to my WiFi and the only solution that I have is to have her hold while I switch the WiFI off in my phone. Then our calls function normally. It seems to primarily occur when I’m talking to her; I don’t notice it being a problem when I am talking to any one else.
Any solutions or causes?

Hi @joelp.2cb6xy,

If you’re experiencing one-way audio on Wi-Fi, and especially if it seems to happen specifically on one particular Wi-Fi network, the cause may be a router configuration.

Check out @jben’s Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide , specifically the “ SIP ALG ” section


OK. I appreciate your help. I went through those router tweaks and checked everything. I primarily changed my channel to one that was more open. But I can’t find any setting for SIP ALG so couldn’t do that.
Thanks very much. I’ll see how it works now with the channel change. I will also reboot my router more often.

If you’ll let us know the brand and model number of your router, someone here may be able find that SIP ALG setting, if there is one for that router.

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