No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones

This topic is for you if you have a Motorola or Pixel phone
and if you are not seeing your voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab in the Phone app.

As of my writing, we do not have a solution for this issue.

We have seen one workaround successfully restore the voicemail to the voicemail tab:

Uninstall updates to the Phone app or the Messages app by Google and remove the option to automatically update that app. Then reboot the phone.

I describe this as a workaround because keeping an app from updating is not a good, long-term solution. I’ll update this topic when we have a solution that allows you to update the app.

Update 10/21/21

I’m adding these additional steps, as we’ve seen success with these steps when the above does not seem to bring back voicemail on the Voicemail tab, or when it once again vanishes.

  1. Update the Phone app and all system apps.
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Tap Apps and Notifications
  4. Tap Phone (you may have to view all apps to find it)
  5. Tap Storage and cache
  6. Clear storage
  7. Then close the Settings app and Open the Phone app - There’s no voicemail tab
  8. Tap the three-dot menu :dots: and Settings
  9. Tap Voicemail
  10. Toggle Visual Voicemail off and back on

If you then use the “Home” button or “Back” button to exit the Phone app, and do not clear the phone app from the “Recent apps” menu, voicemail will continue to populate the voicemail tab. If it vanishes again, the above steps will restore it.


Thanks @southpaw . It was driving me nuts! I finally tested today and left myself a voice message from the house phone. My Moto X4 notified me that I had a voicemail, but when I clicked on it and went to listen, the dialer app under voicemail said I had no messages! I couldn’t get into them by manually calling voicemail, either. I had to end up setting up my voicemail again through the republic app by putting a new password in. Then I could at least call manually into voicemail. Uninstalling the phone app updates and unchecking auto update did the trick. We’ll see how long that works but at least I saw that I had 7 messages with the phone dialer! The screen I was seeing before the fix looked exactly like your screenshot.

One downside to uninstalling the update is that there is not “dark mode” available.

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Thank you!! I was just looking for information about this, the workaround was successful for me. I’ll keep an eye out for when a solution is found.

What phone do you have? Motorola G7?

What plan are you on? 1g data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

1g data

Issue Description

My visual voicemail disappeared and I had to call to listen to messages. My husband died in April and I had saved all of his voicemails. They are now all gone. Is that because his phone number was discontinued? Is there a way to get them back?

Hi @susanitamn,

Welcome to our Member Community. I’m sorry you’ve experienced such a loss.

Your question was moved into a topic on the same matter so that we can focus the conversation in a single place. Please follow the steps in No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones and let us know if your voicemail is restored to the Voicemail tab of the Phone app.

If this workaround does restore the voicemail messages to your Voicemail tab, you’ll want to download those voicemail messages, and preserve them somewhere else, like on a computer in your e-mail, since they are so special to you. Instructions to download your voicemail messages are here:

I have this problem on my Pixel 4a. I uninstalled updates to the google phone app and turned off updates. This resolved the problem. Since this is a temporary fix how will I know when Republic has solved the problem and I can turn on auto updates to the phone app again?

@southpaw So initially when I uninstalled the phone updates, I could see my voicemail list again. But today, the entire voicemail tab is just gone. I did turn off auto update for the phone app, so I’m not sure what changed between last night and this morning. Any insights?

ETA: and just to make it weirder, I opened the app again and the tab was there. But when I switched between apps and back, it was gone again. So far it hasn’t reappeared.

Moto G power 2021

Saw the screen posted above. Uninstalled phone app updates. Disabled auto updates. Did not open the phone app. Rebooted the phone. Waited 5 minutes. See this screen…

Voicemail waiting notification, but no voicemail listed.

FWIW, the message in the voicemail tab “Activating visual voicemail” did not appear initially after rebooting the phone. It appeared after turning off WiFi and connecting via cellular.

I will try uninstalling messages to see if that makes a difference.


Uninstalled messages app updates. Voicemail screen did not change. Updated messages app. Updated phone app. Keep auto updates off. Did not open phone app. Turned off phone. Turned on phone. Waited 5 minutes.

Opened phone app. Still states “Activating visual voicemail” but now voicemails are listed, including the new one.

I suspect that this is only temporarily fixed, as I have seen this behavior before. The list of voicemails will disappear after some time, usually after a day or less.

Hi @garrets.xfcopg,
May I ask what phone you have?

Earlier today another member using a Moto G7 Play also told me that she saw no voicemail with the Phone app’s updates uninstalled, but that it was restored when she updated the Phone app.

I absolutely cannot duplicate that experience on my Moto G Power 2020. When I update the Phone app, my voicemail vanishes from the voicemail tab. Exactly the opposite of what you and this other member are describing.

I’m wondering if it’s different based on Android version.


Which phone do you have, and does re-updating the Phone app make a difference?

The phone model is in my first post. But here’s some additional info…
Phone: moto g power (2021)
Phone app last updated: Oct 7, 2021
SKU: XT2117-4
Android version: 10

I have seen both behaviors on my phone… Voicemails disappearing in latest phone app and in default phone app. Voicemails re-appearing after reverting to default and when updating to latest. But the work-arounds don’t persist.

Voicemails have now disappeared from my phone app. I’ve made no changes since my last post when they re-appeared after updating to the latest.

I have not been able to find a stable work-around, nor have I any idea what is causing them to disappear. I’ve no evidence, but the behavior seems to be affected if you open the phone app immediately after downgrading or upgrading the app or if you reboot your phone. Also some difference if you are connected via cellular or WiFi. Too many variables and unknowns. Too bad we can’t see some sort of error log from the phone app.

I recall a similar problem in the past where too many messages would cause the sync to fail. But now the entire list disappears is a new behavior I’ve not seen before.

I have 149 messages currently and able to access them by calling voicemail. That’s more than I need.
Maybe I’ll try deleting a bunch to see if it resolves the issue.

Saw this today in the Play Store…

I think that’s the standard answer given for most problems. Don’t know what type of phone or service the poster (Sara) has.

@southpaw I have a Pixel 3a. I tried re-updating the phone app, but the voicemail tab is still missing.

Looking for why “Activating visual voicemail” is displayed, and does not go away…

“… since Republic serves your voicemail differently from other carriers, voicemail retrieval is not dependent on this verification.”

So the voicemail list is retrieved differently than Google (the phone app) expects. I wonder if there is some compatibility issue here.

The behavior I see is that after downgrading (or upgrading) the phone app, the phone list is displayed. Then sometime later, the phone app stops displaying it.


Check the phone app Settings. I see a switch under Voicemail > Visual Voicemail. This turns on and off the Voicemail tab on my phone.

@garrets.xfcopg Thank you! It must have gotten switched off somewhere in there.

I turned it back on, but the voicemails were still missing of course. So I uninstalled the updates again, and I can see my voicemails. So back to where I started - the workaround is working, haha.

Uninstalling updates to the Phone by Google app also restored the visual voicemail list for me as of 10/18/21. None of the “usual fixes” worked for me. The “usual fixes” being restart the phone, clear the app’s cache, clear the app’s user data, or force stop the app. Also, if I allow the Phone by Google app to be updated the problem immediately returns. Thanks to Southpaw for her info.

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