No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones

Hi @wjow323,

Indeed it is. That said, have you tried any of the workarounds in the top post:

Does clear storage mean it will clear my stored contacts and their numbers?

Hi @autumns.e5y6w9,

No clearing the Phone app’s storage will not delete your stored contacts.

I have a google pixel 4 and I can’t access my voicemail. please help
What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Hello @matthewh.ytl0kl Your message was moved in to an existing thread on this topic. Unfortunately we’re all dealing with a bug in the Google Phone App this is causing this issue. Right now all Republic has is workarounds, which you can find in the first message in this thread along with more info on the issue.

Going to be Blunt… This is a critical communication feature that is failing, for over a month. Many, if not most may not have noticed this feature is failing… Is there any eta for a fix, or what level of engagement has occurred on this. As someone who pays yearly, this is unacceptable and almost making me regret this service… As much as I have loved it since its inception.


I think this is overstating things a bit. Voicemail still works. Visual Voicemail isn’t a feature on a lot of entry level plans. Boost makes you pay more for it. Other plans include it with ads. Republic’s services were without it for a long time. “Critical” is the ability for someone to leave a message (and they can) and for you to listen to it (and you can by dialing in). Everything else is “nice to have”.

As Republic would need Google to fix it only Google can provide an ETA and they simply don’t do that.

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The bigger issue isn’t the feature isn’t working… its the lack of notification. If a user is unaware of the issue, they may not know they are missing voicemails. This problem would be moot for the timebeing if they informed the users who they identified activated the affected phones in their service.

For many of the non-technical, they would likely not know the voicemail as they have used it for years is not working properly. So yes, its critical for voicemails to be accessed, in either method. But if notifications bring to a “blank screen” as it does in this case, a false alert would likely be the thought.

Republic wireless has a responsibility to inform their customers of a partial service outage in this case, as it is unique to their carrier service.

Everyone of my phones has a very annoying “activating visual voice mail” banner that makes it pretty obvious something is going on.

Go to the help page: and you’ll find a giant yellow banner, with a red font that reads: “Where’s my voicemail!?!”

For those that use voicemail there are alternatives. Install Youmail and use it. Forward to Google Voice and use that. Manually check for voicemail if you have a missed call notification or if the phone has been off. With Youmail and GV you even get transcription, so it isn’t just a workaround, some might call it an improvement.

I think you are missing the point, republic wireless should be notifying customers not requiring them to go on a scavenger hunt. Especially as you can bet many customers may not be of technical mind. I am not trying to “fight” as it is, but ensure customers are treated well on the service. Lack of communication in this case is not treating them well.

I can’t think of a single time that I’ve gotten an email from a company I do business with about a bug in someone else’s app that may impact a function I may use or not. That’s a recipie for a massive support burden that is likely to impact not only the subset of customers that are impacted by the issue, but also others as the support team is overwhelmed by iquiries of customers confused by the alert.

I have gotten notifications of outage before, and they can def triage the number of users based on what devices they have activated. I am again, throwing for out there for republic wireless comment.

Thanks for your feedback @michaels.cqh66i,

I’ll bring the suggestion to leadership’s attention.

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So my wife just switched her phone over from forwarding missed calls to our home, landline number, to now just going straight to her voicemail. Her voicemail is set up and calls are going there. The problem we are having is that we get the pesky Activating Visual Voicemail message that I understand is from Google and something the way Republic sets up voicemail and that message can just be ignored- is that correct? If so, is that message going to stay on her phone, which is a Google Pixel 4a, or will it eventually go away? It is quite annoying to have that message there. But my bigger issue is, why, when I close out the phone app, does the voicemail tab go back to having the two messages, the one from Google and the other saying I don’t have any voicemail messages. Please see pictures below…

After restarting the phone…

And then after closing out the phone app and then restarting it…

I’ve not done anything differently with voicemail. After closing out the phone app, those two messages you see in the first screenshot are still in her voicemail. What’s happening?

Again, she’s using a Pixel 4a and it had Android 12 for the OS.

Thank you!

Hi @MarkDeming,

So as to keep the conversation focused in one place, I’ve taken the liberty of moving your post to an existing topic on the matter.

You are correct the message may be ignored and, in most cases, it doesn’t go away.

Please avoid closing out the Phone app in favor of simply leaving it run in the background. On Pixels, doing so generally allows for visual voicemail (a list of voicemail on the phone) to function in spite of the aforementioned pesky (great choice of word) message.

Much more detail is in the top post linked here:

No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones.

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