No Wi-Fi on my wife's phone but is connected it says

my wife has a moto e4 plus on 1 gig data all talk and texts.
when wifi trys to come on it says connected but no internet.
we tried a phone reboot and republic code reactivation but still a question mark by the wifi symbol.

Hi @josephs.humgw3,

What kind of network are you trying to connect to? Are you at home?

You may see the question mark by the Wi-Fi symbol when you’re connect to a “captive portal” network - on that requires you to agree to some conditions before it lets you have access to the internet.

If you’re at home, please try these steps:
Turn off the phone, your router, and your modem (if they are two separate devices.)
Turn back on the modem and all it to completely boot up.
Turn back on the router and allow it to completely boot up.
Turn back on the phone and allow it to completely boot up.

our internet provider through our google router

Please let us know if the issue is cleared up by following the steps I suggested.

We did a reboot on all devices and still has question mark by WiFi

If you touch the phone at the top of the screen and drag downward, what exactly does the notification related to the Wi-Fi symbol with a questions mark say?

it says connected no internet.
could this be a result of the problem RW is having with the phones that says to reactivate them/

when trying to go onto wifi it says it obtains the ISP ,and it authenticates it like it usually does but no internet yet it is connected

gotta go ,will check in the morning about wifi. thanks so far.

Checked WiFi and all is well. Thank you for your time

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Hi @josephs.humgw3,

I’m sorry I had to log off last night and could no longer reply.

“Connected no internet” would not have been at all related to the outage we had. This message indicates that you are successfully connect to a router, but that the router is not delivering a connection to the internet. So between the router and the modem, or the modem and your ISP, there is no internet connection.

If this happens again and other devices in the house are connected to the internet, you might want to make sure your wife’s phone is not connecting to some other nearby network. Otherwise, rebooting the phone, router, and modem is a best first troubleshooting step.

I’m glad to see it has resolved itself this morning.

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