No WiFi calling after recent update to Nord VPN

There is no republic wireless cellular service where I am currently located. I used to be able to use my phone over WiFi to make calls, but recently, like the last month or so, I can no longer make calls with this phone and had to buy a phone with a different service? What has changed in your software? How can I make calls over wifi again without being connected to a tower?

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Hi @mikem.pyr6be,

Nothing has changed that would stop WiFi calls. :thinking:

Try this and let us know if it helps:

nope, that didn’t work. can’t make calls over wifi

What phone/model do you have?
Have you tried more than one place to make a WiFi connection to try a call?

Were any new apps installed around that time?

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I have not installed any new apps of consequence. However I have updated some, though not all, apps on the phone. I have always run NordVPN successfully, but something appears to have changed in the app, that while it’s running, android system is forced to use the non-existent cellular network. Killing the app causes the switch over to WiFi calling. I’ll check with the Nord people I guess. Thanks all for the help. I might back depending on what Nord says


VPNs are known to be Wifi calling killers. The latency and jitter that many VPNs introduce will often prevent effective wifi calling.

Perhaps, though in the past, I have not experienced too much of that phenomenon. I have just found however, a switch in the Nord app that’s called “split tunneling”, where I can select the Republic Wireless app to be routed outside of the VPN. This solution appears to solve the issue with calling and still provides security for all my other apps.


Nice find, the ‘split tunneling’ was something that Cisco used many years ago, so apparently, it is migrated to the non-enterprise space
ETA: Here is a link I found to other VPN’s that offer Split Tunneling 7 Best VPNs for Split Tunneling in 2021: Split tunneling explained

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