No wifi calling nor receiving calls

Phone had worked but calls hang on Calling via Wifi and don’t receive calls despite excellent wifi, text, email and internet. No cell service (live by a creek, I might as well live in a “trailer down by the river.” I gave my wife my old motox for texting but she’d like to receive calls here. )

I rebooted, wiped cache, rebooted, tried safe mode, rebooted, updated republic wireless and telephony apps, rebooted, ##8647## and the cell reset, cleared play store cache, rebooted. All I can think of is rebooting, any iother ideas?

Hi @patrickm.54y6pb and welcome to the Community!

Have you tried Airplane mode on and Wifi only while you’re at home?

Try (in this order): Turning off Wifi, then turn on Airplane mode, then turn Wifi back on.
You also might try rebooting your home router.

Let us know if your Wifi Calling gets better. :slight_smile:

wow, works with airplane mode and wifi on, turned off airplane, still works.
Crazy but true, I thought turning off cell was irrelevant because it clearly says wifi calling when it failed
Thanks so much, another tip for the wifi calling prob.

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Glad to hear it worked!
I too live in an area that has great WiFi and little to no cell service (smack in the geographical center of San Francisco, can ya believe it?!)
When I’m home I always need to use the airplane mode trick.

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